• Tank

    A tank is a container for storing liquids and is mainly cubed or cylinder-shaped.

  • Tarpaulin

    A tarpaulin is a type of truck covering. Tarpaulins on a flatbed design can protect loaded goods from adverse weather conditions, for example.

  • Tautliner

    A tautliner has no fixed side walls. The side of the truck is equipped with sliding tarpaulins and integrated fixing straps. These tarpaulins can be pulled back to the side, which facilitates loading and unloading, particularly of bulky goods.

  • Temperature controlled

    Designates transport of temperature-sensitive goods which need to be transported at low or high temperatures.

  • Tender

    A tender is part of the process by which orders are allocated. Potential bidders are invited to submit offers.

  • Tilt trailer

    Like a flatbed trailer but can tilt or rotate on its own axles, enabling the rear end to be lower to the ground for loading and unloading.

  • Time slot booking-system

    The aim of a time slot booking-system is mainly to avoid waiting time at the loading or unloading place. A freight forwarder or driver who wants to unload cargo at a supermarket, for example, must book a time via a portal (time slot booking-system). In


    TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH, founded in 1997, is an IT service provider for all companies involved in transport. With a large team composed of international staff, TimoCom offers two European procurement platforms: TC Truck&Cargo®, the market leader

  • TIMOCOM Identify

    If TIMOCOM customers have any doubts as to the identity of new business partners, TIMOCOM Identify helps follow up. TIMOCOM's experts verify potential business partners and compare all the relevant documents.

  • TIMOCOM Secure

    Is TIMOCOM's security package. The security network consists of several columns: Login, the verification of new customers, customer controlling, TIMOCOM Identify, IT security, TIMOCOM CashCare and a security check with the corresponding guidelines. They

  • TIMOCOM to go

    All TC Truck&Cargo® customer can receive information about current freight and vehicle offers easily and flexibly via mobile phone - no matter where they are. Once an order has been placed by phone, TIMOCOM's experts enter the customers' vehicle offers

  • Tipper truck

    specially designed open-topped truck. It has a flatbed which is inclinable to the rear and/or side (with opening side panels) or a container with fixed side panels and mainly high-sided walls which tilts to the rear. Tipper trucks are mainly used in the

  • Toll

    Toll is a fee paid for using streets, highways, tunnels and bridges. Another term for toll is road charge (German: Straßenverkehrsabgabe / Straßenbenutzungsgebühr).

  • Tracking system / vehicle tracking

    Tracking systems are systems which allow users to inform themselves about the position of their respective transport vehicle. Depending on the equipment, additional vehicle data can be recorded and transmitted to the users. Potential incidents can be

  • Transport

    To transport is to move goods or people from one place to the other.

  • Transport barometer

    TIMOCOM's transport barometer is a market indicator. It reflects current freight and vehicle supply and demand within the European road transport market. It can be used in price negotiations and/or to determine market prices. The transport barometer is

  • Transport company

    Transport companies take care of the transportation of freight and goods of any type.

  • Transport exchange

    A transport exchange, also called a freight and vehicle exchange, is a virtual marketplace for - mainly - freight forwarders and haulage contractors. Here they can exchange freight and/or vehicle capacities, thereby aiding capacity utilization.

  • Transport homepage

    The website of a transport service provider is considered a transport website. It provides, for example, information on the company, its vehicle fleet or its services.

  • Transport management system

    A transport management system (TM system) is a tool for planners. With the transport management system he can organise the jobs he receives from shippers/manufacturers. Trips and routes are planned with it. He can also see at any moment how busy his vehicles

  • Transport mediation

    In transport mediation upcoming transports are placed with a suitable service provider.

  • Transport order

    If a transport company accepts a trip, the freight forwarder sends them the corresponding transport order . It contains all the relevant details such as, for instance, sender/recipient, the respective timeframes, loading metres, tonnage, all the necessary

  • Transport tenders

    Transport tenders are mostly necessary in the transport industry. They help reach potential transport service providers. In a tender exact details can be entered and that way suitable service providers for the respective transport business can be found.

  • Transport website or homepage

    The website of a transport service provider is considered a transport website. It provides, for example, information on the company, its vehicle fleet or its services.

  • Transportation

    Transportation is part of the general traffic in which different goods or persons are transported from one location to another by means of a vehicle.

  • Trip planning

    Designates the organization of consignment forwarding (either manually or by means of a journey planning software). Consignments are distributed on vehicles in such a way so as to keep costs and time factors incurred en route to a minimum.

  • Truck (German: LKW)

    LKW is short for the German expression Lastkraftwagen. Equivalent to HGV standing for heavy goods vehicle or simply lorry in English. This term is used to designate vehicles which are mainly used for transporting goods. The driver cab pulls a vehicle

  • Truck body type

    Designates the different types of truck body including tarpaulin or box.

  • Truck load

    Truck load is understood as goods transported by truck.

  • Truck type

    Designates the different types of truck available including semi-trailer or trailer-truck.

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