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TIMOCOM transport barometer: corona causes massive downturn

TIMOCOM transport barometer: drastic downturn due to corona

Due to the pandemic, even the traditionally freight heavy months of April and May saw significant downturns in transport services. “In total, our transport barometer saw a 45 percent downturn in freight as compared to the previous year during the second quarter of 2020,” says Gunnar Gburek, TIMOCOM Company Spokesman. Transport services dropped even more sharply within Germany during the same time period.

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: Freight Offers in Europe 1. Quarter 2020

TIMOCOM transport barometer: Europe’s transport market jumps wildly during the corona crisis

The uncertainty regarding developments due to the corona crisis caused a rapid increase in freight offers on the European transport market. “Many companies made orders early, as they were worried about possible border closures and other restrictions as part of the response to the corona virus,” says Tilman Fecke, Business Analyst at TIMOCOM, regarding the unusually high increase in freight offers placed on Europe’s leading freight exchange until mid-March.

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In light of current circumstances: TIMOCOM expands access to Europe’s leading freight and warehousing exchange

The host of Europe’s leading freight exchange, the IT company TIMOCOM, is expanding access options for their logistics system in light of the current crisis. “We want to do our part, and help ensure that there are no shortages and that delivery chains continue to function as normal, even given the current exceptional circumstances,” says TIMOCOM Managing Partner Tim Thiermann. 

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