• Packages

    Packages are individual freight items. They are the smallest units of packaging in a consignment.

  • Pallet

    Pallets, or to be more precise, transport pallets, are flat load-bearing structures used for transporting stackable goods. There are different designs available (e.g. Flat pallets or drum pallets) in various materials such as wood, plastic or stainless

  • Pallet / EuroPallet

    Also referred to informally as EuroPallet and is a mainly wooden standard flat transport structure used by all European transport companies (800 x 1200 mm).

  • Part load

    Designates a load which does not load the truck fully (full load), but only partially.

  • Production planning

    In commercial terms, production planning is an organizational unit which is responsible for the scheduling and quantity of delivered goods.

  • Pump truck

    Pump trucks are industrial trucks which work with as well as without an own engine. It serves the transportation of pallets and cage pallets.

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