• Abnormal goods

    Designation for extremely heavy or unusually long, wide or high loads, which cannot be transported without the use of a crane or lifting platform, for example.

  • ADR

    ADR (dangerous goods) ADR is the name of the European treaty regarding dangerous goods. The treaty contains regulations for traffic regarding packaging, securing of loads, and labelling of dangerous goods. The Term ADR is an abbreviation for "Accord européen

  • ADSP

    Short for Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen = German general commercial conditions for road transport.

  • Animal transport

    The term animal transport or also livestock transport is understood as the transport of living animals by truck, car, train, ship or aircraft.

  • Articulated truck/trailer combination

    A truck where the front axle of the trailer is mounted on a ‘fifth wheel’, i.e. a central swashplate. This way, an articulated truck/trailer combination has one rotational point on the drawbar coupling and one rotational point on the ‘5th wheel’ or swashplate,

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