• Land traffic

    Road, rail, suburbian, city or regional traffic are referred to as land traffic.

  • Large capacity transport

    In a large capacity transport, non-standard dimensioned cargos are transported. Non-standard dimensioned means over-dimensioned in height, width or length.

  • Loading meter

    Standard unit of measurement for transport by truck. A loading meter is 1 meter of loading space of a truck’s length. When the approx. width of a truck is 2.4 m, 1 loading meter is approx. 2.4 m² (2.4 m wide x 1 m long).

  • Loading place

    The loading place is the place where goods are loaded to a mode of transportation. Usually the loading place is the point of departure of the vehicle.

  • Loads

    A load is freight that is transported by ship, rail or road vehicle.

  • Login

    When installing TIMOCOM's software programme a personal security access/key is downloaded to the customer's computer which allows authorised users to easily access TIMOCOM's system once they have been verified. User name and password are no longer needed.

  • logistic space exchange

    With a warehousing exchange tailor-made warehousing and logistic space can be offered and found. Europe's largest online warehousing exchange is that of IT service provider TIMOCOM. It helps reduce unused space, optimise capacity utilisation and react

  • Logistics

    Logistics is the process of the movement of goods from order placement to delivery to the customer. This includes all planning, implementation and controlling measures including instruments for ensuring an optimum flow of goods. Sub-sectors include, purchasing,

  • Logistics 4.0

    Logistics 4.0 refers to the most modern logistics methods, including networking, digitalisation and cloud computing. In Logistics 4.0, the logistics specialist is no longer limited – as used to be the case – to simple transport, but rather focuses on

  • Logistics chain

    Designates all commercial activities which ensure a product finds its way from producer to end customer.

  • Logistics management

    Logistics management plans and organises different processes and procedures in logistics.

  • Low-loader

    Commonly used for carrying heavy machinery and other outsize goods. It’s set low for easy loading.

  • LTL (Less Than Truckload)

    An LTL (Less Than Truckload) is a partial load in a truck. Generally, if a truck is only partially loaded, the company will look for other partial loads to fill it, so that the journey is worth it. Consolidated cargo is an alternative to additional partial

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