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The transport lexicon

Lexicon entries

  • Land traffic

    Road, rail, suburbian, city or regional traffic are referred to as land [...]

  • Large capacity transport

    In a large capacity transport, non-standard dimensioned cargos are transported. Non-standard dimensioned means over-dimensioned in height, width or [...]

  • Loading meter

    Standard unit of measurement for transport by truck. A loading meter is 1 meter of loading space of a truck’s length. When the approx. width of a truck is 2.4 m, 1 loading meter is approx. 2.4 m² [...]

  • Loading place

    The loading place is the place where goods are loaded to a mode of transportation. Usually the loading place is the point of departure of the [...]

  • Loads

    A load is freight that is transported by ship, rail or road [...]

  • Login

    When installing TIMOCOM's software programme a personal security access/key is downloaded to the customer's computer which allows authorised users to easily access TIMOCOM's system once they have [...]

  • logistic space exchange

    With a warehousing exchange tailor-made warehousing and logistic space can be offered and found. Europe's largest online warehousing exchange is that of IT service provider TIMOCOM. It helps reduce [...]

  • Logistics

    Logistics is the process of the movement of goods from order placement to delivery to the customer. This includes all planning, implementation and controlling measures including instruments for [...]

  • Logistics 4.0

    Logistics 4.0 refers to the most modern logistics methods, including networking, digitalisation and cloud computing. In Logistics 4.0, the logistics specialist is no longer limited – as used to be [...]

  • Logistics chain

    Designates all commercial activities which ensure a product finds its way from producer to end [...]

  • Logistics management

    Logistics management plans and organises different processes and procedures in [...]

  • Low-loader

    Commonly used for carrying heavy machinery and other outsize goods. It’s set low for easy [...]

  • LTL (Less Than Truckload)

    An LTL (Less Than Truckload) is a partial load in a truck. Generally, if a truck is only partially loaded, the company will look for other partial loads to fill it, so that the journey is worth it. [...]

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