• Warehouse

    Place for storing materials. Above all, a warehouse serves as a location with facilities suitable for the reception, commissioning and transport of material.

  • Warehouse usage

    First of all warehouse usage depends on the conditions of a warehouse and/or warehousing space. Depending which types of goods are to be stored the warehousing space has to be equipped accordingly. To store chilled goods, for example, the warehouse needs

  • Warehousing exchange

    A web-based warehousing exchange is a warehousing search engine by which available warehousing space is traded. Providers use the platform to place their available capacities with all the relevant information. Companies that have goods but insufficient

  • Warehousing logistics

    Warehousing logistic is a part of logistics in businesses that have warehousing. It involves the systematic storage and management of goods in warehouses. Companies use specific logistic software as warehousing management tools to rationalise processes

  • Way bill

    A document form the forwarder which accompanies the goods. Acts both as a document which proves the content of the freight contract is present and as notice of receipt when the goods were uplifted from the forwarder and delivered to the receiver.

  • Wood transport

    Logs are transported in wood transports. Here, logging trucks are used which are especially registered and developed for this purpose. In addition, the wood has to be secured sufficiently and the cargo must not exceed the maximum weight of the truck.

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