Managing your transport and logistics processes can also be quick and easy! TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System has the right application for you, whether you are arranging to transport goods, carrying out the transport or need help with order management.

Time slot booking-system

The aim of a time slot booking-system is mainly to avoid waiting time at the loading or unloading place. A freight forwarder or driver who wants to unload cargo at a supermarket, for example, must book a time via a portal (time slot booking-system). In the portal you can see which times are still free at the unloading place and can be booked (e.g. 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.). The driver should arrive as punctually as possible. Short waiting time can occur. If the driver cannot make it on time, because of a traffic jam or an accident, he has to book a new time. It is similar to aircraft dispatching. Airlines have "time slots" in which a flight must take place. Otherwise, the time slot expires and they must face harsh penalties.

See also:

  • Transport management system

    A transport management system (TM system) is a tool for planners. With the transport management system he can organise the jobs he receives from shippers/manufacturers. Trips and routes are planned with it. He can also see at any moment how busy his vehicles

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