• Reception point

    Designation of the place (delivery point) where goods are unloaded and/or received.

  • Recipient

    The recipient accepts and/or unloads goods, i.e. this is the point which the goods have to be delivered to.

  • Refrigerated goods

    Goods which need to be transported in temperature-controlled conditions. This includes foodstuffs such as fruit but also medicine and/or pharmaceutical products.

  • Refrigerated transport

    Designates refrigerated and deep-frozen transport (Latin frigor = cold)

  • Return load

    The term load describes all goods in the hold(s) of a means of transportation, such as truck, car, ship, train or aircraft. At the destination for the load the goods are unloaded. If new freight is now loaded, which is returned to the place of departure

  • Road haulage

    Goods which are solely transported by road.

  • Route calculator

    Also known as route planner. These terms designate computer programs which find the best route between a start point and destination. They often also calculate travel costs and feature many additional functions including options to work out the fastest

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