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The transport lexicon

Lexicon entries

  • Cabotage

    If a foreign transport company conducts transport services within another country for remuneration (EU member state), this process is described as [...]

  • Car transport

    Car transport or also vehicle transport is when a vehicle, such as a car, truck, off-road vehicle, van or delivery truck, is transported on a truck with special truck-trailer (car [...]

  • Cargo

    Another term for freight [...]

  • Carrier

    A carrier is a company which organizes the transport of merchandise and/or goods via a haulage [...]

  • CEMT permit

    A CEMT permit (CEMT = Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports / European Conference of Transport Ministers) allows companies to transport freight across national borders between CEMT [...]

  • CEP

    Short for Courier Express Parcel service. Designates transport of cargo with a low weight. A single object must weigh no more than [...]

  • CMR

    CMR is an international treaty regarding transport of goods via land across country borders.

    CMR is an abbreviation of "Convention relative au contrat de transport international de [...]

  • Coil

    is the designation for a metal strip wound around a coil. Generally, it is used to refer to rolls of steel strip although it can also refer to steel wire as a raw material. Broad, flat metal and [...]

  • Coilwell

    hollow for holding coils in a [...]

  • Construction transport

    A construction transport is a type of transport which is used for freights like asphalt, debris or implement. The things transported here are needed on a construction [...]

  • Container

    From the Latin continere = hold together, contain; designates generally standardized large capacity containers for the transport and storage of [...]

  • Container transport

    Container transport means that the containers can be exchanged between different means of transport. The so-called ISO containers are suitable for ships, rails and road [...]

  • Contract logistics

    Contract logistics describes a business model between a producer or dealer of goods and a logistics provider based upon a long term cooperation over the course of which a considerable volume is [...]

  • Contract market

    Contract market is the economic point where long-term contracts for complex logistics services are [...]

  • Corporate logistics

    Corporate logistics is a collective term for all logistics activities of a specific company. It includes all internal and company-wide aspects of logistics. That is acquisition, internal production [...]

  • Courier service

    (Latin: currere = run). A courier service transports small consignments directly from a producer to the recipient at short [...]

  • Credit assessment

    This assessment evaluates credit worthiness. In a credit assessment, a company’s credit worthiness is judged against the records of a credit reference / business information [...]

  • CUG

    ‘Closed User Group’ (German – GBG) CUG designates a group of users who have exclusive access to resources and services. Within a Freight and Vehicle Exchange, there is a CUG or an exchange within [...]

  • Curtainsider

    Has a rigid roof and rear doors with sides of movable PVC curtains, which can be drawn back for easy [...]

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