• Cabotage

    If a foreign transport company conducts transport services within another country for remuneration (EU member state), this process is described as cabotage.

  • Car transport

    Car transport or also vehicle transport is when a vehicle, such as a car, truck, off-road vehicle, van or delivery truck, is transported on a truck with special truck-trailer (car transporter).

  • Cargo

    Another term for freight (goods).

  • Carrier

    A carrier is a company which organizes the transport of merchandise and/or goods via a haulage contractor.

  • CEMT permit

    A CEMT permit (CEMT = Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports / European Conference of Transport Ministers) allows companies to transport freight across national borders between CEMT countries (besides the OECD this also includes many East

  • CEP

    Short for Courier Express Parcel service. Designates transport of cargo with a low weight. A single object must weigh no more than 31kg.

  • CMR

    CMR is an international treaty regarding transport of goods via land across country borders. CMR is an abbreviation of "Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route", in English: Convention on the Contract for the

  • Coil

    is the designation for a metal strip wound around a coil. Generally, it is used to refer to rolls of steel strip although it can also refer to steel wire as a raw material. Broad, flat metal and alloy products are transported between manufacturer and

  • Coilwell

    hollow for holding coils in a vehicle.

  • Construction transport

    A construction transport is a type of transport which is used for freights like asphalt, debris or implement. The things transported here are needed on a construction site.

  • Container

    From the Latin continere = hold together, contain; designates generally standardized large capacity containers for the transport and storage of goods.

  • Container transport

    Container transport means that the containers can be exchanged between different means of transport. The so-called ISO containers are suitable for ships, rails and road vehicles.

  • Contract logistics

    Contract logistics describes a business model between a producer or dealer of goods and a logistics provider based upon a long term cooperation over the course of which a considerable volume is moved accordant to the terms of a service agreement (contract).

  • Contract market

    Contract market is the economic point where long-term contracts for complex logistics services are closed.

  • Corporate logistics

    Corporate logistics is a collective term for all logistics activities of a specific company. It includes all internal and company-wide aspects of logistics. That is acquisition, internal production logistics, as well as the shipment and distribution of

  • Courier service

    (Latin: currere = run). A courier service transports small consignments directly from a producer to the recipient at short notice.

  • Credit assessment

    This assessment evaluates credit worthiness. In a credit assessment, a company’s credit worthiness is judged against the records of a credit reference / business information source.

  • CUG

    ‘Closed User Group’ (German – GBG) CUG designates a group of users who have exclusive access to resources and services. Within a Freight and Vehicle Exchange, there is a CUG or an exchange within the exchange which is only accessible to certain parties.

  • Curtainsider

    Has a rigid roof and rear doors with sides of movable PVC curtains, which can be drawn back for easy loading.

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