• Haulage contractor

    A haulage contractor is responsible for the actual transportation of a freight consignment via land, water or air.

  • Haulage service

    A service for forwarding goods from the loading place to the destination.

  • Haulier / Haulage contractor

    A haulier is as an independent contractor or a commercial entrepreneur who, based on a transport contract, carries out the transport via rail, road, sea, air, inland waterways or in a combination of these forms of transport.

  • Hazardous goods transport

    Materials or objects which due to their composition may be a risk are considered hazardous. When transporting loads, specific regulations must be followed. Hazardous goods transports also have to be marked as such with danger boards, slips of paper and

  • Heavy goods transport

    Extremely long, heavy, wide or high loads are transported for which special equipment such as cranes or lifting jacks is required.

  • Heavy load

    With a heavy load extremely heavy goods are transported.

  • HGV

    Abbreviation for heavy goods vehicle

  • Horse transport

    Horse transport is a special type of animal transport in which living horses are transported by truck, car, train, ship or aircraft. Special horse transport companies offer professional transportation of horses (usually: sport horses, breeding horses

  • Hub

    In the transport sector, a hub is a central trans-shipment/handling point where streams of goods are received then sorted and redistributed in all directions according to regional target destinations.

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