• Fixed date

    A fixed date is present if, when agreeing to a transport offer, a specific time is agreed upon at which the truck is to be loaded or unloaded. Keeping this appointment is then part of the contractually agreed upon services. The Term Fixed date has replaced

  • Flatbed trailer

    Can be used for nearly all kinds of cargo. The goods are not protected from theft and weather-related damage.

  • Fleet management

    designates the specific planning, control and inspection of vehicle fleets (trucks, passenger cars, boats, rail). In the context of digital fleet management, it refers to a software (e.g. GPS systems). This type of software is designed to enable real-time

  • Forklift / stacker truck

    Forklifts or stacker trucks are engine-driven industrial trucks which are mainly used for the transportation of pallets and cage pallets. In warehouses they serve the business-internal handling of goods and to load and unload transport vehicles.

  • Franco

    Carriage paid is used in commercial language to designate deliveries in which the shipper has taken care of the freight costs (or shipping), not the receiver. The label 'ex works' (or also 'carriage forward), means that the recipient must assume freight

  • Freight

    The term designates all goods that a transport company undertakes to deliver in accordance with the terms of the carriage of goods agreement made with the forwarder.

  • Freight agents

    So that the freight can be transported, freight agents forward it to a suitable service provider in time.

  • Freight exchange

    A freight exchange is a virtual market place - mostly for freight forwarders and hauliers. Here, users of the exchange can offer their freight for which they do not have any transportation.

  • Freight forwarder

    A Freight forwarder is a company which organises the transportation of goods for customers without actually carrying out the actual transportation themselves. Transport per rail, truck, sea or barrage is purchased accordingly.In international transport

  • Freight forwarder / Forwarding agent

    A freight forwarder is a service provider who deals with shipment of goods. This includes the actual organisation of the carriage and other transport related services.

  • Freight forwarders

    Freight forwarders are service providers that organise the transportation of goods. There is a growing range of specialised groups in a freight forwarding company. These include air, train, sea, road and inland navigation freight forwarders, groupage,

  • Freight forwarding and logistic services specialist / freight forwarder

    Freight forwarding and logistic services specialists (formerly: freight forwarders) work in freight forwarding companies and logistics companies. They organise the dispatch of goods as well as their storage and handling and also sell transport/logistic

  • Freight mediation

    Freight mediation is the process of finding a suitable service provider for the transportation of freight so that it arrives at a certain location on time.

  • Freight offer

    If someone offers cargo that is to be transported by someone else in return for remuneration, they create a freight offer. In the freight offer they can specify the goods or transport and enter, for example, the required vehicle type.

  • Freight search

    Freight search means a specific search for freight by drivers, hauliers and freight forwarding companies. They enter their preferences in a mask and a selection of loads is displayed on their screen. This way they can use their vehicle to capacity quickly

  • Freight transport

    When transporting freight, different cargos are transported from one location to another.

  • Fridge transport

    In a fridge transport loads which must be chilled, e.g. foodstuffs, are transported. For this purpose trucks with fridge facilities are built.

  • FTL (Full Truck Load)

    An FTL is a transport in which a truck is transporting one load only, and this load fills the entire truck. FTLs are welcomed by both the driver and the haulage contractor and client. The transport company does not have to pay extra for notification,

  • Fuel transport

    For fuel transports only means of transport which are licensed for the transportation of fuel and constructed especially for this purpose must be used.

  • Full load

    A full load designates a full truck load commissioned by a customer for a single recipient.

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