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Warehousing logistics

Warehousing logistic is a part of logistics in businesses that have warehousing. It involves the systematic storage and management of goods in warehouses. Companies use specific logistic software as warehousing management tools to rationalise processes such as receipt, transport and storage of goods. There are even vocational training courses for warehousing logistic. Warehouse logistic specialists are responsible for logistical planning and organisation. Their tasks include accepting, approving, loading, storing, transporting and packaging goods. Depending on condition and characteristics (for example solid, liquid, explosive, toxic, perishable) of the goods, they have to be stored accordingly. Furthermore loading schedules have to be created taking into account legal regulations and routes have to be planned. Warehousing logistics help regulate and optimise materials, information and assets flow ranging from procurement to sales.

See also:

  • Warehouse usage

    First of all warehouse usage depends on the conditions of a warehouse and/or warehousing space. Depending which types of goods are to be stored the warehousing space has to be equipped accordingly. To store chilled goods, for example, the warehouse needs

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