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Logistics 4.0

Logistics 4.0 refers to the most modern logistics methods, including networking, digitalisation and cloud computing. In Logistics 4.0, the logistics specialist is no longer limited – as used to be the case – to simple transport, but rather focuses on the functional and company-wide coordination of logistics across the entire supply chain.

The Term
Logistics 4.0 was created in reference to the term Industry 4.0, first used in 2011 in Hanover at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair, which claims that we are now in the throws of the fourth industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution came about with the use of steam, the second with electricity and the introduction of assembly lines. The third industrial revolution – also known as the digital revolution – began with the automation of production and the use of electronics such as programmable logic controls.

Logistics 4.0 continues this trend while including modern information and communications technologies. Intelligent and digitally networked systems are designed to allow people, machines, factories, logistics and products to communicate directly with each other. If logistics is integrated into the supply chain as early as possible, the effect is optimisation of just-in-time production. On the other side of things, transport companies can hope for more security in planning, better use of fleets, and shorter waiting times at the loading bay.

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