Managing your transport and logistics processes can also be quick and easy! TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System has the right application for you, whether you are arranging to transport goods, carrying out the transport or need help with order management.

Corporate logistics

Corporate logistics is a collective term for all logistics activities of a specific company. It includes all internal and company-wide aspects of logistics. That is acquisition, internal production logistics, as well as the shipment and distribution of the goods produced.

The Term
In business management, the term 'Logistics' is defined as planning, management, implementation and monitoring of the physical flow of goods and any associated flow of information over the entire value-added chain of a company.

Logistics tasks must be completed by every company – regardless of industry. Corporate logistics is the umbrella term for the various logistics requirements of a particular company. Companies that work in logistics are, in addition, specialised in the physical flow of goods and take on these tasks, as well as all connected duties, as service providers for other companies, in particular the transport of goods.

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