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TIMOCOM – The-transport-lexicon
The transport lexicon

Fixed date

A fixed date is present if, when agreeing to a transport offer, a specific time is agreed upon at which the truck is to be loaded or unloaded. Keeping this appointment is then part of the contractually agreed upon services.

The Term
Fixed date has replaced the term 'scheduled goods', which is now outdated. The over-arching term is 'fixed transaction'.

Daily Business
Fixed dates are more often agreed to for unloading, and more rarely for loading. For the most part, a fixed date notes the latest possible time at which the goods must be delivered to the customer. If the truck arrives earlier, the goods are still considered to be on time. However, there are also fixed dates for which the goods may not arrive any earlier. This could be for a variety of reasons: the crane for unloading the goods has been rented for a specific time, a street must be blocked off so that the truck can get by. In addition, fixed dates are provided to guarantee strict time-window management. This prevents waiting periods on the loading ramp.
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