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Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.

Successful branding of TimoCom in South-Eastern Europe

Erkrath/Belgrade, 2016-04-18 – Expectations fully met: After being awarded the "Brand Leader Award" in 2015, in 2016 TimoCom receives the highly wanted price again. The IT service provider kept word, taking its customers wishes into account and optimising the software regarding efficient usability. The ceremony took place on 14 April 2016 on the occasion of the third transport and logistics conference TIL in the conference centre Sava, Belgrade in Serbia.

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TimoCom goes Multimodal

Erkrath, Germany 2016-04-08. Good news for manufacturing and trade. TimoCom, Europe's largest transport platform, will attend the trade fair Multimodal 2016 in Birmingham. Since 2015, when companies from manufacturing and trade were granted access to the platform, many companies have started using TimoCom to make their workflow more efficient and convenient. With TimoCom you have access to a network of 36,000 verified companies with more than 110,000 users. National and international freight offers often only last seconds online before they are assigned. 

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Tip of the month: How-to when errors or incidents occur

It is Monday morning, and you arrive early in the office. Drop your jacket, start the computer, make a cup of coffee while waiting for the computer. You sit down and immediately start the TimoCom software, ready to enter/find vehicles and/or loads, but it really is Monday and the software is not quite cooperative. What to do? Below a small how-to which as first-aid might help.

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Catching transport orders quicker

Erkrath/Germany, 2016-03-24 - Starting in November of last year, TimoCom's Business Messenger is on the market, simplifying daily business communication for more than 110,000 users on Europe's largest transport platform. A total of 2 million messages were sent using the new communications tool in the four months after the launch.  Proof that personal trends work well as business models - 'The chat is quicker than the telephone' has also made it into the business world.

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The current topic: Are you prepared for the new toll in Belgium?

2016-03-07 - On 1 April 2016, Belgium introduces the new toll system Viapass and therefore leaves the Eurovignette-joint. The most important changes: It will be more expensive and more complicated. The times when you could buy the EUROVIGNETTE via a mouse click online or get one just at the filling station for €8, these times are over. Not only costs will rise but also the number of toll roads and vehicles. Belgium is a very important transit country for Western Europe and that is why, in double sense, you cannot avoid it. 

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Better than predicted: TimoCom's performance in 2015

Erkrath, 2016-02-29 - In the previous business year, 2015, TimoCom once again fortified their position as Europe's largest transport platform. More than 110,000 users enter/publish up to half a million freight and vehicle offers daily. Projected over the entirety of last year, that means: 68.1 million offers published via our platform in 2015. Not only that, but also the company value was increased by awards such as 'Best Brand 2015' as well as the 'connect-Award' from telematics giant TomTom. Our newly introduced TimoCom Messenger is also a success: already over 700,000 messages have been sent using the service. 

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Tip of the month in TC Truck&Cargo®: Crossover enquiry

For every one of our customers who is using the platform every day and in particular TC Truck&Cargo®, we would like to remind you of a small feature which makes searching for available loads quicker.

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Transport barometer: Historic final spurt in Q4

Erkrath, 2016-01-06 – The economic climate cooled off significantly at the turn of the year as a result of faltering economic data in Europe, the refugee crisis and pessimistic shippers which also had an impact on the TimoCom transport barometer. The freight to vehicle ratio was 46:54 in the fourth quarter and therefore remained well below expectations even though the final quarter started off positively.

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