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Press releases

Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.

Tip of the month: One map with multiple advantages

TC eMap® with the tracking function was launched in April 2013 and is today a successful tool with almost 200 telematics providers integrated.

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TimoCom awarded Best Brand for the 8th time

Erkrath, 2016-07-18 – It's official: TimoCom has again been awarded as "Best brand" in the category "Freight exchanges". Readers of German magazines lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell and FERNFAHRER annually vote on the best commercial vehicles and brands. The award that was created by the publishing house ETM, honours efforts in the development of innovative products and services for the transport industry. Marketing Director Christof Thesinga accepted the award at the festive ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany: "The award "Best brand" is and always will be a great honour to us. It is always a confirmation that our dedication has been worth it. This year it is for sure also a symbol that direct contact with customers gives you something back."

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A delegation from the Chinese government visits TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany 2016-07-15 – A delegation from China, on a visit to view cargo transport centres across Europe, simply cannot miss a visit to TimoCom, Europe's largest transport platform and a true highlight of the trip. This was immediately clear to the eleven delegation members when planning their trip, as they first became aware of TimoCom's activities. And so the government delegation visited TimoCom's company headquarters in Erkrath, Germany, at the end of June, spending the afternoon behind the scenes at TimoCom.

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TimoCom's tendering feature given the BME quality seal

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-07-14 - TimoCom's tendering feature has been awarded with the quality seal "Frachteneinkauf" (Freight purchase) on 24.06.2016 once more by BMEnet GmbH, Gesellschaft des Bundesverbandes Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. (Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics). For the fourth time in a row, the web-based tendering feature passed with success the quality assessment carried out by the trade association. Therefore, TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH continues as a certified company in "Software and platform" and represents quality of the transport platform. 

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Small freight forwarder up front with TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-06-27 – When the Spanish freight forwarder Emdipa receives an order to transport doping tests as fast as possible from Spain to Switzerland, their 20 employees are not surprised. The small company is famous for carrying out unusual transport jobs at short notice, proving that you do not always have to be the largest company to find a niche and establish yourself successfully.

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The current topic: Cabotage

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-06-21 – It is a sensitive subject for many, and is often immediately connected to illegal activities. But in fact, transport services within a country by a foreign company, or cabotage, is a perfectly normal practice. Various interest groups treat cabotage as a controversial matter. However, legal cabotage is hardly magic.

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The current topic: To Brexit or not...?

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-06-13  – Two weeks left until the EU referendum in the UK. On 23 June the British will decide the future of the Island and the rest of Europe and finally answer the question, if the UK is to become the first country to leave the European Union of their own accord. The predictions on the outcome of the referendum are still uncertain even so shortly before the British have to vote. According to the latest polls the supporters of and the Brits against the Brexit are almost on a dead level. Especially the transport and logistics industry are worrying about the consequences of a Brexit.

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Fruit meets Information Technology

Frutas Montosa from Malaga produces avocados, mangos and guacamole and is the market leader of avocado export in Europe. The company founder Luis Montosa saw a business opportunity and future in the subtropical fruit 35 years ago.

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The current topic: From transports to logistics 4.0

Erkrath, Germany 2016-05-20 – Media attention was high in the beginning of April when six HGVs rolled in columns almost full automatically through Europe. The European Platooning Challenge shows in what direction transport and logistics are going to and furthermore, what is already possible. The term connection itself is today the key to more efficiency and competitiveness in logistics already. 

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The current topic: French interpretation of break regulations for double manned lorries

Erkrath, Germany. 02.05.2016 - In the past few weeks, there has been a discussion and disagreement in France on the topic 'driving time and break regulation for double manned lorry teams'. This is because French authorities have a new interpretation for the existing EU regulations, and are enforcing their interpretation. 

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The current topic: Brenner Pass: impassable?

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-05-01 – For thousands of years, the Brenner Pass has been one of the most important transport and trading routes between Northern and Southern Europe. Again and again, the pass through the Alps has been a major tipping point for political and economic development. And it is set to become one once again, as Austria prepares to reintroduce border controls on their Italian border at the end of May.

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An industry searching for freight

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-04-20 – The European transport industry had a slow start in the 1st quarter of this year, as evidenced by current numbers from the TimoCom transport barometer. The barometer shows that the ratio of freight to vehicle space was 30:70 in the first three months of 2016. However, with the temperatures rising, the transport market is also slowly warming up.

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