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Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.

Chemical products manufacturer optimises shipping processes with TIMOCOM

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-03-20 - Concrete has become an essential building material in modern life. Robust, long-lasting and versatile, the concrete and mortar admixtures are produced, among others, by Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG. Lars Laskowski, Logistics Manager of MC-Bauchemie, made the most of his visit to the TIMOCOM headquarters in January and explained the effort behind logistics to provide customers with their products.  

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Multimodal 2017: TimoCom paves the way towards digital logistics

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-03-14 - Europe's largest transport platform, TimoCom, has already fascinated previous years' Multimodal visitors with its up to half a million international vehicle and freight offers and more than 110,000 users. The company would like to continue with its positive impression and will be presenting the new up- and download feature within the business directory, as well as the free services Update Pool and TruckBan from 4 to 6 April at stand 4080 in hall 4. The innovations are a logical addition to the digital transport platform's offer.

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New! TimoCom TruckBan

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-03-08 - Regulations on truck driving bans in Europe are quite complex. There are driving bans for trucks in different countries for certain routes, roads and motorway sections during different periods of time. It is sometimes impossible to maintain a clear overview. For this purpose, TimoCom has created a transparent portal with pan-European truck driving bans, TimoCom TruckBan, which is available in 14 languages.

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Logistics company Militzer & Münch counts on TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-02-02 – TimoCom, Europe's largest transport platform, is known for more than just efficiently combining freight and vehicle space, it also simplifies innovative networks and digital operations. Militzer & Münch, an international logistics service provider, also makes use of these benefits.

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The current topic: Five problems concerning pallet exchange explained by TimoCom's lawyer

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-01-20 – In the fast changing transport business, contractors are operating with low profit margins and high time pressure. If pallet exchange is also included, it can quickly end up in a loss-making job. TimoCom's lawyer Alexander Oebel summarises the major problems with the pallet exchange.

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The transport barometer: winter keeps freight ready and waiting

Erkrath, Germany, 2017-01-18 - In the fourth quarter of 2016, TimoCom's transport barometer shows a freight to vehicle ratio of 53:47. It was the first time TimoCom registered a freight surplus during this period! One thing is for sure: the European transport market was anything but frozen.

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Women in logistics: A Danish woman prevails

TimoCom is a future-oriented company that has taken on the mission to give the transport industry a more positive image. This involves breaking old patterns of thinking and creating room for new ideas. In a male-dominated industry such as the transport industry, the intention of this series "Women in logistics" is to support and recognise their efforts. Part 1 is an interview with the Danish freight forwarding Cargo 2000 A/S' MD, Vivi Aakjær Jensen.

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TimoCom customers' experience with the up- and download feature

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-01-04 – Europe's largest transport platform made an especially important resolution last year: to equip the platform with even more digital added value. Said and done. Since last September over 36,000 customers have been able to use the up- and download feature for documents. 

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TimoCom employees distribute presents amongst Moldavian children

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-12-16 – The Weihnachtspäckchenkonvoi (Christmas packet convoy) drove from Germany, to the Ukraine, then to Romania and Moldavia. TimoCom employee and HGV driver Jochen Dieckmann, who had already summoned his colleagues during the warm summer to donate presents, was there for the second time. 146 presents were distributed amongst the children at the beginning of December.

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TimoCom employees pack Christmas presents in summer

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-12-01 - Inspired by an identical initiative the previous year, TimoCom's employees are participating in the Christmas packet convoy of the Round Table Deutschland this year. In the warm summer months, the employees of Europe's largest transport platform started gathering packets shoe-box size - 146 in total.  

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The current topic: How the pallet exchange works in Europe

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-11-11- Euro-pallets are increasingly popular. However, more in its processed form as furnishings like tables, benches or "industrial style" shelves. Whereas in the transport world, where the wooden pallet has its original use, it is often the bone of contention. But why does the pallet have such a bad reputation?

According to a recent study by EKUPAC GmbH on re-usable transport packaging, the use of re-usable pallets in European goods transport has increased in the last 15 years from 280 million to 550 million units and has become indispensable. Germany is the European leader with around 100 million wooden skids circulating yearly.

The difficulty with the pallet is its "re-usability" which comprises an exchange of goods delivered on pallets in return for empty pallets. But Euro-pallet is not equal to Euro-pallet. Behind the supposedly simple pallet exchange principle there are challenges for all involved: for the transport company as intermediate consignee, for the driver who transports the consignment and for the recipient of the unloaded goods. 

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Education: TimoCom awarded medal of honour by the Logistics School in Poznan

Erkrath, Germany, 2016-11-10 – The TimoCom transport platform has been cooperating many years with educational institutions Europe-wide: in work-oriented teaching with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, regular workshops at the University of Maribor in Slovenia or as a long-term partner of the Poznan School of Logistics (WSL) in Poznan in Poland. This has now been officially acknowledged. 

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