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Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.

The transport barometer: Worry about a chaotic Brexit causes explosion in EU exports to the UK

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-04-25 – Fears that the UK will leave the EU without a deal have caused an explosion in the number of goods ordered for delivery to the British Isles. Compared to the the previous year, truck transports from all parts of

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Relaxed around Easter: Freight forwarder MZ Logistic and seasonal challenges

Erkrath, Germany/Madrid, Spain, 2019-04-17 - The Easter holidays bring with them reports on seasonal challenges in the logistics industry. An opportunity to trace the supply chain of seasonal goods right up to the supermarket shelves. But there is

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TIMOCOM exhibits double-digit growth: digital solutions for the transport world are the engine of development

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-03-29 – TIMOCOM continues to grow. The Smart Logistics System operator has recorded more activity over the past year, and not just on the freight exchange. The IT company, active across Europe, made the biggest leap in

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European transport logistics: Manufacturer Tripple Z is counting on a TIMOCOM solution

Erkrath/Hilden, (Germany) 2019-02-11 – Tripple Z has found their niche: The solar module manufacturer sells – in addition to quality products “Made in Germany”  – used solar systems. A business that is gaining

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The transport barometer: Transport industry strong in the final quarter of 2018

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-02-11 – The European transport market remained completely unaffected by international trade conflicts and pessimistic economic forecasts in the final quarter of 2018. “The transport industry experienced a

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The transport barometer: Demand for vehicle space in Europe remains constant and high

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-11-15 – the booming economy in the Eurozone ensured continuing high demand for transport capacity on the market in this year’s third financial quarter. “The demand for vehicle space barely fell in the summer

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IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: TIMOCOM and their new brand identity are pioneering the Smart Logistics System

Erkrath/Hanover, Germany, 2018-09-19 – For the 8th time in a row, TIMOCOM, the leading European IT company for logistics, will be appearing at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover. This year, TIMOCOM is taking the opportunity to do

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European Young Professional Logistics at TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-09-07 – TIMOCOM has always been dedicated to supporting young students and apprentices as they develop, ensuring they gain practical industry expertise. Now, however, the IT service provider has taken their support for

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How do our fruit and vegetables arrive fresh on the dining table?

Erkrath, Germany 2018-09-07 - Door-to-door logistics of fast-mover shipments such as fruit and vegetables require maximum punctuality and professionalism. The suppliers must also respond flexibly to the actions of businesses and sometimes transport

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IAA Commercial Vehicles: TIMOCOM will be at the conference with a new strategic position and brand identity

Erkrath/Hanover, Germany, 22.08.2018 – Europe’s leading logistics IT and data specialist, TIMOCOM, will be on site at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover (from 20 to 27.09.) with a fundamentally revised brand presentation and

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TimoCom Live Talk: 5 facts about Girteka Logistics

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-07-26 – there was red-hot interest in advance of the TimoCom Live Talk with Europe’s leading company for full loads in the temperature controlled sector. Girteka Logistics from Lithuania. More than 13,000 Facebook

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The transport barometer: So far, the trade dispute with the USA has had no effect on the EU transport market

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-07-20 – The trade dispute with the USA has not had an effect on the work load of transport companies in Europe so far. Although the EU Commission has lowered their growth estimate to 2.1 percent due to the customs

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