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Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.

The transport barometer: Demand for vehicle space in Europe remains constant and high

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-11-15 – the booming economy in the Eurozone ensured continuing high demand for transport capacity on the market in this year’s third financial quarter. “The demand for vehicle space barely fell in the summer months,” says TIMOCOM Company Spokesman Gunnar Gburek. “It remained consistently high.”

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IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: TIMOCOM and their new brand identity are pioneering the Smart Logistics System

Erkrath/Hanover, Germany, 2018-09-19 – For the 8th time in a row, TIMOCOM, the leading European IT company for logistics, will be appearing at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover. This year, TIMOCOM is taking the opportunity to do something new. At the leading conference for mobility, transport and logistics, the company will present the first Smart Logistics System, representing Augmented Logistics and with a new, flexible logo.

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European Young Professional Logistics at TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-09-07 – TIMOCOM has always been dedicated to supporting young students and apprentices as they develop, ensuring they gain practical industry expertise. Now, however, the IT service provider has taken their support for the logistics industry a step further, offering, for the first time, a three month summer traineeship at their representative office in Poland. By contributing to youth development, TIMOCOM also hopes to inspire other companies in the industry.

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How do our fruit and vegetables arrive fresh on the dining table?

Erkrath, Germany 2018-09-07 - Door-to-door logistics of fast-mover shipments such as fruit and vegetables require maximum punctuality and professionalism. The suppliers must also respond flexibly to the actions of businesses and sometimes transport “just” a few pallets rather than full truck loads. On top of this, the customer wants to be able to track his goods online at all times. The requirements for transportation are at least as high as those for production. The Spanish company Germans Barri does not just use the latest technologies for storage and cooling of its fruit and vegetables, but also for the digital process optimisation of shipments.

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IAA Commercial Vehicles: TIMOCOM will be at the conference with a new strategic position and brand identity

Erkrath/Hanover, Germany, 22.08.2018 – Europe’s leading logistics IT and data specialist, TIMOCOM, will be on site at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover (from 20 to 27.09.) with a fundamentally revised brand presentation and new IT solutions, ready to provide users with better visibility and networking along the entire transport chain.

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TimoCom Live Talk: 5 facts about Girteka Logistics

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-07-26 – there was red-hot interest in advance of the TimoCom Live Talk with Europe’s leading company for full loads in the temperature controlled sector. Girteka Logistics from Lithuania. More than 13,000 Facebook users took a look at the video-teaser for the interview. Comments on Facebook included speculation on bad payment and long working hours for drivers. The event, which took place on 12 June in the TimoCom headquarters, was attended by Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Chief Communications Officer, and Elena Kazinec, Key Account Manager; they reacted in real time to the questions and comments made by the Facebook community. 

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The transport barometer: So far, the trade dispute with the USA has had no effect on the EU transport market

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-07-20 – The trade dispute with the USA has not had an effect on the work load of transport companies in Europe so far. Although the EU Commission has lowered their growth estimate to 2.1 percent due to the customs dispute (May estimate: 2.3%), the demand for vehicle space has remained consistently high one month after the introduction of punitive tariffs by the US. This is clear from the TimoCom transport barometer, the industry indicator for road transport developments within Europe.

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First a driver shortage, now storage? “Not at all” says Gunnar Gburek, Company Spokesman at TimoCom

Those seeking storage space are starting to complain that it is hard to find. However, according to the German Federal Statistical Office, the number of newly built logistics facilities continues to rise. Why then is there a discrepancy between “more logistics property” and “fewer available warehouse spaces?” And why is the available warehouse space not being used to its full potential? Gunnar Gburek, TimoCom's Company Spokesman provides the answers, suggesting ways that all parties can better utilise the available space. 

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German ‘super summer’ overheats transport requests

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-06-21 – the persistent summer weather in Germany is making the logistics industry sweat. The TimoCom transport platform reports that requests for refrigerated transports almost tripled between February and May this year. Result: there are already a few gaps on store shelves, as manufacturers are unable to transport their goods. 

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Advice from the Surveyor: The right way to handle transport damage

As an expert on transport and cargo damage, aka surveyor, Karl A. Selig has been successfully dealing with transport damage for over 30 years. In an exclusive TimoCom interview, he provided helpful tips and interesting examples of his work.

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The transport barometer: Demand for truck space in Europe rises above available capacity

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-04-26 – the demand for available freight capacity on European roads is growing. In the first quarter of 2018, the number of freight offers on the EU transport market was larger than the number of vehicle offers at a ratio of 54:46. This calculation is the result of the current TimoCom transport barometer market evaluation, the industry indicator for road transport developments within Europe.

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Multimodal 2018: Assigning digital orders is easy with TimoCom

Erkrath, Germany, 2018-03-28 - 3D printing, machine-to-machine communication, the Internet Of Things and Big Data influence connections to customers and suppliers -  and thus the individual supply chain. Even transport acquisition as part of this chain is changing significantly. Europe’s largest transport platform will use this year’s Multimodal event in Birmingham to demonstrate how manufacturing and trade customers can react agilely to their customer’s needs.

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