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Here you can find current press releases on various topics about TIMOCOM, our customers and the sector.
Freight volumes increased as compared to last year

TIMOCOM transport barometer: strong recovery after slow summer

The third quarter of 2021 has once again confirmed an upwards trend in road transport numbers. The TIMOCOM transport barometer recorded another rise in freight entry into the Smart Logistics System. Accumulated data from 46 European countries shows

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Freight offers: Figures exceed previous year's level

TIMOCOM transport barometer: freight offers in Europe exceed figures before the coronavirus pandemic

The second quarter of 2021 confirms the upward trend in road transport. The TIMOCOM transport barometer shows an overall steady increase in freight offers in the Smart Logistics System. A look at the second quarter's figures in 2021 shows: freight

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The image shows the logos of TIMOCOM and JITpay.

Secure cash flow: JITpay™ factoring service for TIMOCOM customers

An important requirement for every company is liquidity. However, with long payment terms of up to 60 days, things can get tight. To help customers get paid quickly, TIMOCOM and the factoring service provider JITpay™ as of today offer the

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The image shows the development of freights in the first quarter of 2021

TIMOCOM transport barometer: good start to the year with values exceeding pre-crisis levels

Reason for optimism in the first quarter of 2021. After a slow start, TIMOCOM's transport barometer, calculated using freight entries from 46 European countries, showed a 58 percent rise in freight as compared to the previous year. There were over

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TIMOCOM transport barometer fourth quarter 2020

TIMOCOM transport barometer: freight boom on the home stretch

The fourth quarter showed continued improvements in a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic. TIMOCOM's transport barometer, calculated with freight input from 44 European countries, showed 9% more freight than in the previous quarter in

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One million freight and vehicle space offers in one day

One million offers in one day: TIMOCOM's freight exchange hits record level again

On 15 December one million freight and vehicle space offers were published in TIMOCOM's Smart Logistics System. This number not only marks a peak shortly before the start of the new lockdown. There have never been so many offers available in the

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Cooperation between TIMOCOM and Bargelink

From the road to the water: Combined transport with TIMOCOM and Bargelink

The FreightTech company TIMOCOM is expanding their reach with a further strategic partnership: the digital trailblazer and pioneer in the European logistics industry has started a cooperation with Bargelink, the marketplace for European inland

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Freight offers in Europe

TIMOCOM transport barometer: More than 10 million freight offers

Europe’s road transport traffic increased significantly between July and September this year. The freight offers for the third quarter of 2020, as recorded by TIMOCOM’s transport barometer, rose to offset the slow market caused by the

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: corona causes massive downturn

TIMOCOM transport barometer: drastic downturn due to corona

Due to the pandemic, even the traditionally freight heavy months of April and May saw significant downturns in transport services. “In total, our transport barometer saw a 45 percent downturn in freight as compared to the previous year during

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: Freight Offers in Europe 1. Quarter 2020

TIMOCOM transport barometer: Europe’s transport market jumps wildly during the corona crisis

The uncertainty regarding developments due to the corona crisis caused a rapid increase in freight offers on the European transport market. “Many companies made orders early, as they were worried about possible border closures and other

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In light of current circumstances: TIMOCOM expands access to Europe’s leading freight and warehousing exchange

The host of Europe’s leading freight exchange, the IT company TIMOCOM, is expanding access options for their logistics system in light of the current crisis. “We want to do our part, and help ensure that there are no shortages and that delivery

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Process management optimisation using smarter interfaces

The IT and data specialist TIMOCOM is setting their sails for the future of logistics with FreightTech. The company will be presenting modern interface technologies, known as Smart APIs, at the LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart. The Smart APIs create a

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