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TIMOCOM: The transport industry must expand their networks

Driver shortage and high percentage of empty runs in Germany

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-07-01 – better digital networking within the transport industry could significantly reduce problems like the driver shortage and the high percentage of empty runs on Germany’s roads, says IT service provider TIMOCOM.

TIMOCOM company spokesman Gunnar Gburek’s advice: “The supply chain has to become a supply flow in order to optimally make use of existing capacities.”
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The international transport logistic trade fair, which ended just a few days ago after receiving a record number of visitors, proved that industry problems that have existed for years remain largely unsolved. This according to the Bundesverband Spedition und Logistik (Federal German Dispatch and Logistics Association, DSLV), who warned during the trade fair that supply bottle-necks could continue to get worse due to the ever-increasing driver shortage. According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, German trucks had 154.2 million empty runs in 2017. “The transport industry must network better in order to optimally make use of existing capacities,” was TIMOCOM Company Spokesman Gunnar Gburek’s comment on the situation.

“Supply Flow instead of Supply Chain”

Artificial intelligence alone, he says, cannot solve the problem, despite being touted as the one and only solution. Cross-company cooperation of partners and processes in logistic transport networks is required. To do this, even smaller and mid-size companies will need to make use of digital tools. Data and information within the transport chain have to be able to be exchanged smartly, safely and simply for each order.

He continued by saying that the faxes still often used in the industry today, or even PDF files sent by e-mail, are in fact obstacles to sustainable networking. Gburek: “Every switch of media puts the brakes on digitalisation and on the chance to use existing resources as efficiently as possible.” The supply chain has to become a supply flow, which allows all data and actors in the supply chain to work together purposefully and efficiently within a digitalised infrastructure. In this way, he says, transport volumes will be easier to estimate and indeed predict.

At the transport logistic 2019, TIMOCOM presented a comprehensive system of applications for the logistics industry, TIMOCOM smart apps, designed to propel transport and logistics companies into the digital age. It allows users to digitally manage transport orders in a network consisting of more than 43,000 potential business partners via a single interface. 
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