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TIMOCOM transport barometer: corona causes massive downturn

TIMOCOM transport barometer: drastic downturn due to corona

Due to the pandemic, even the traditionally freight heavy months of April and May saw significant downturns in transport services. “In total, our transport barometer saw a 45 percent downturn in freight as compared to the previous year during the second quarter of 2020,” says Gunnar Gburek, TIMOCOM Company Spokesman. Transport services dropped even more sharply within Germany during the same time period.

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: Freight Offers in Europe 1. Quarter 2020

TIMOCOM transport barometer: Europe’s transport market jumps wildly during the corona crisis

The uncertainty regarding developments due to the corona crisis caused a rapid increase in freight offers on the European transport market. “Many companies made orders early, as they were worried about possible border closures and other restrictions as part of the response to the corona virus,” says Tilman Fecke, Business Analyst at TIMOCOM, regarding the unusually high increase in freight offers placed on Europe’s leading freight exchange until mid-March.

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In light of current circumstances: TIMOCOM expands access to Europe’s leading freight and warehousing exchange

The host of Europe’s leading freight exchange, the IT company TIMOCOM, is expanding access options for their logistics system in light of the current crisis. “We want to do our part, and help ensure that there are no shortages and that delivery chains continue to function as normal, even given the current exceptional circumstances,” says TIMOCOM Managing Partner Tim Thiermann. 

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Process management optimisation using smarter interfaces

The IT and data specialist TIMOCOM is setting their sails for the future of logistics with FreightTech. The company will be presenting modern interface technologies, known as Smart APIs, at the LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart. The Smart APIs create a bridge between TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System and the transport management and tracking systems used by the over 43,000 TIMOCOM customers throughout Europe.

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: Germany weakens, Italy is the exception

Italian logistics companies enjoyed significant growth last year: “In Italy, we recorded an increase in freight of 16 percent as compared with 2018,” says TIMOCOM Business Analyst Tilman Fecke. These increases buck the European trend.

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The future of logistics:

Today, and together with Roland Berger, TIMOCOM published a white paper on the development and definition of ‘FreightTech’ within the logistics industry. It identifies current and future digital technologies that, according to the consulting company, will influence and change the entire value-added chain within the next five years. Over 90 companies and 100 European start-ups were analysed for the white paper, with this information supplemented by interviews with industry experts and existing market participants. 

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Smart networks: TIMOCOM presents innovative interfaces at the LogiMat 2020

Erkrath/Stuttgart, Germany, 2020.02.11 – “One System. One network. One Future.” TIMOCOM will be presenting their interfaces under this motto from 10th to 12th of March 2020 at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. The interfaces match perfectly with the motto, allowing users to connect within a single system to a variety of potential business partners.

Interfaces are more important than ever for the transport and logistics industry, as they are used to speed up work processes. They also simplify a company’s access to TIMOCOM's Smart Logistics System. Smart APIs offer customers the option of connecting to the system via their existing logistics software.

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New location in Wrocław: TIMOCOM is growing internationally and strategically expanding their presence in Poland.

The IT and data specialist is revamping their marketing strategy for Poland and planning to significantly expand their presence within the country with a new, central location. This will increase focus on Poland as one of the most strategically important markets for the digital transformation of European logistics. Both transport service providers and dispatchers, as well as manufacturing and trade customers will profit from the strategic repositioning and the associated location expansion in Poland.

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TIMOCOM transport barometer: German transport economy has fewer orders in the third quarter of 2019 than last year

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-10-17 Germany’s transport companies have done less business in the third quarter of 2019 than in the previous year. There was a 12 percent decrease in truck transports within German from July to September as compared to the same period last year. However, the cyclical downward trend in demand for transport services registered up to the middle of the year within Europe’s first Smart Logistics System has stopped. The information comes from the IT company TIMOCOM in its analysis on the third quarter of 2019 in view of the transport barometer.

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Blockchain – tech wonder in logistics and supply?

TIMOCOM were able to win a true blockchain expert for their LiveTalk in September. Mrs. Sidsel Rytter Løschenkohl gained professional experience in the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab in Dublin, and regularly comes into contact with the technology in her work with banks and insurance companies.

Sidsel also answered what it is about blockchain that caught her attention:

“Once I understood blockchain technology, I knew it would change the world.  And that I wanted to be there when it did.”

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TIMOCOM: Maintaining language diversity despite digitalisation

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-09-26 – The European Day of Languages is celebrated again on 26 September. With its initiative, the Council of Europe wishes to contribute to the preservation of linguistic diversity in Europe, to make people aware of the advantages of language skills, to promote individual multilingualism and to motivate Europeans towards lifelong language learning. The action day was launched in 2001, the European Year of Languages. A lot has changed since then, especially digitally.

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The biggest digitalisation challenges facing the transport industry

Erkrath, Germany, 2019-07-26 – there is still a big gap between the amount of digitalisation available in larger transport and logistics companies and small to mid-sized ones. Logistic giants have been working digitally for years, but small and mid-sized transport companies often have trouble affording complex software solutions. What is required in order to keep up with market demands and trends, not to mention big industry names?

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