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TIMOCOM transport barometer: Freight Offers in Europe 1. Quarter 2020

TIMOCOM transport barometer: Europe’s transport market jumps wildly during the corona crisis

The uncertainty regarding developments due to the corona crisis caused a rapid increase in freight offers on the European transport market. “Many companies made orders early, as they were worried about possible border closures and other restrictions as part of the response to the corona virus,” says Tilman Fecke, Business Analyst at TIMOCOM, regarding the unusually high increase in freight offers placed on Europe’s leading freight exchange until mid-March.

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In light of current circumstances: TIMOCOM expands access to Europe’s leading freight and warehousing exchange

The host of Europe’s leading freight exchange, the IT company TIMOCOM, is expanding access options for their logistics system in light of the current crisis. “We want to do our part, and help ensure that there are no shortages and that delivery chains continue to function as normal, even given the current exceptional circumstances,” says TIMOCOM Managing Partner Tim Thiermann. 

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Process management optimisation using smarter interfaces

The IT and data specialist TIMOCOM is setting their sails for the future of logistics with FreightTech. The company will be presenting modern interface technologies, known as Smart APIs, at the LogiMAT 2020 in Stuttgart. The Smart APIs create a bridge between TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System and the transport management and tracking systems used by the over 43,000 TIMOCOM customers throughout Europe.

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How covid-19 is driving digitalisation from the home office

Catapulting towards the future: How covid-19 is driving digitalisation

It happened so suddenly: UK entered lockdown at the end of March. The entire country was subject to social distancing, and suddenly its inhabitants’ lives were focused on a single location: their home. Some companies had decided in advance of the lockdown that their employees would work from home, provided they had the option of doing so. Those who had not yet made any home office provisions were suddenly forced, more or less overnight, to create options for mobile work independent of location – in a world in which mobility was no longer an option. The stress was incredible, but the revolution started by covid-19 has not yet come to an end.

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The growing demand in Europe for frozen goods requires logistics solutions.

Temperature-controlled transport in the UK and Europe

Consumers love convenience. In the kitchen, they increasingly revert to convenience products from the freezer. According to the British Frozen Food Federation statistics 6.3 billion pounds in sales were generated with frozen food products in the UK in 2019 alone.

The trend is apparent throughout Europe and is further reinforced by the ongoing corona pandemic. Anyone who not only has to combine a job and household, but also, for example, childcare within their own four walls, is more likely to go for ready-made frozen meals. The change in consumer behaviour has its origins long before the crisis and primarily is due to food trends and consumers' curiosity for everything new.

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 The European demand for vehicle space and goods is growing.

Corona virus: How manufacturing and trade can manage vehicle space bottlenecks

The spread of the corona virus is increasingly affecting the road transport industry in Europe. The transport barometer from FreightTech company TIMOCOM is currently showing a significant increase in international freight offers.

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