With TIMOCOM, Dennis Bo Pedersen easily finds new business partners

Valnes Logistics is run by Dennis Bo Pedersen (Cand. Merc. Supply Chain Management) who is based in Rønne on the Danish island Bornholm. From there, he manages all operations of the company. Hailing from a family of truck drivers, logistics literally runs through his DNA. Having worked in the industry in Copenhagen for ten years, he later decided to move back to where it all began and to start Valnes Logistics. Historically, Bornholm is famous for its fishing industry and chilled transports. However, the time and age we live in offers more than this:

“The beautiful, idyllic surroundings are definitely helping you to have a holistic mindset on your business. At the same time, today there are no limitations to what you can do only because you are working from an island”, Dennis says.

Profile Valnes Logistics


  • You are limited to existing clients
  • When partners cancel deliveries last minute


  • Easy extend your business partners and network
  • Unforeseen last-minute problems are solved with a wide range to transport companies

Flexibility, speed and expanding your network

Having the flexibility and speed of a smaller company, he always strives to give that little extra service to its clients. His tagline is no room for error, something which fits very well in today’s digital way of working.

The challenge for companies who are not members of networks such as TIMOCOM is that they are limited to the clients they have. According to Dennis, TIMOCOM’s most important task is to help their members to extend their own networks, to solve transports, which creates a great value for everyone.

“When you are a smaller company, Timocom is absolutely necessary, not only because you can post loads, but also to keep your costs at a minimum”, he says.

Sweden, Denmark and Germany are the three most important countries for Valnes, but they also have clients in other parts of Europe. Here Timocom plays an important role, as it offers the possibility for new cooperations and quick solutions:

''One good example of how the network has helped me is when I had a few pallets that were going to France. I had a partner who was supposed to do the transport, but the day before, I was informed that they could not drive. This is where Timocom was a great solution at the last minute as I found a new suitable partner for the job.”

About Valnes logistics

Valnes Logistics is founded by Dennis Bo Pedersen in Rønne, Bornholm. The foundation of Valnes Logistics is to be the strongest link in the logistics chain while being an active partner in the handling and understanding of our customers' needs. They handle transports as agreed, transport and deliver on time. 

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