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TST Logistik: 12% transport growth per year with TIMOCOM solutions

Dispatchers from TST Logistik

Two freight forwarding and logistics clerks from TST Logistik GmbH in Kiefersfelden are sitting at their desks and smiling at the camera. The TIMOCOM website can be seen on the computer screen.

Want to master the daily challenges of freight management while also expanding your business? Read how TST Logistik has been able to record a 12% annual increase in business thanks to TIMOCOM – and why distribution planning is now even more fun.


About the European logistics service provider TST Logistik GmbH

TST Logistik, based in Kiefersfelden, Germany, has been providing FTL transport for customers of all sizes for 13 years. They transport goods from factories, warehouses and ports to destinations all over Europe in tarpaulin-covered lorries. In addition, the logistics service provider offers modern and monitored goods storage for its customers on its own company premises.

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The challenge: making up for disruptions in the transport process

Division manager Teodora Teleaga and her team of dispatchers tackle a whole range of challenges every day – like finding the best HGV routes and making sure deliveries arrive on time. In addition, all parties involved, such as drivers, customers and warehouses, need to be kept up to date. “Unexpected difficulties such as traffic jams and bad weather can crop up – and already the original plans are rendered useless,” says Teodora Teleaga. Quick, intelligent decisions are what’s needed here. “At the end of the day, it’s about delivering on a performance promise you’ve made to clients,” the department manager continues. However, companies waste a lot of time and energy due to disruptions in the transport process and last-minute changes in plans. And all this costs money, too. After all, if no alternative is found, customers simply have to wait and new orders cannot be accepted.

The solution is quick truck and load matching and tracking shipments in real time.

TST Logistik uses TIMOCOM as part of its day-to-day truck route planning. This makes it easier to make up for delays and complications:

“For example, if our vehicles are already fully loaded or still on the road, we use TIMOCOM to find suitable matches to get any remaining loads on their way,” explains Teodora Teleaga, division manager at TST Logistik.

We are thus able to find suitable and verified transport partners for the corresponding journeys in the online freight exchange. This can be done in a matter of seconds thanks to smart filters and optimised searches. Numerous transport service providers also enable Live Shipment Tracking for their HGVs via the TIMOCOM Marketplace. This GPS data is used to calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the goods transport in the background.  As a result, everyone involved automatically knows where the load is. This not only saves time, but also creates more trust and boosts the image of the transport partners. Time windows in the loading dock can be better planned and processes can be brought forward and postponed. This helps to avoid empty runs and waiting time and to use time effectively.

The result of this cooperation: 12% more shipments per year

The digital marketplace helps Teodora Teleaga piece together each new “puzzle”. What spurs me on is seeing a whole series of HGV shipments running smoothly as a result of my careful planning or effective reallocation. That makes me truly happy and satisfied. It means I am always ready for whatever challenge comes next.”

A clearly noticeable advantage since the logistics service provider has started using the marketplace to manage transport digitally is the huge amount of time saved.

“TIMOCOM is like a shortcut that takes you straight to the desired result and absolutely outshines any other method,” summarises Teodora Teleaga, dispatch division manager at TST Logistik.

TST Logistik invests the time gained in expanding its business – with great success. The transport service provider has gained many new and valuable business partners through the network – and has also recruited new employees and purchased vehicles.

The dispatch division manager shares some final thoughts on her experience with TIMOCOM: “Since starting to work with TIMOCOM, we have been able to increase the number of shipments we have carried out by about 12% annually.”


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