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The Benefits of LTL Shipping

LTL freight shippers

LTL shipping lets businesses ship smaller quantities which can help to reduce costs. It is ideal for small businesses but can be used by any business trying to lower their transportation costs. Find out what LTL shipping involves, if it suits your business, and the benefits it could bring to your company.


What does LTL mean in shipping?

LTL stands for less-than-truckload shipping or less-than-load. It is shipping small loads of freight frequently. Usually, a truck carrying out LTL freight shipping will have the loads of several companies on board. This is known as assembly service. The definition of small loads is between 150 and 15,000 pounds and occupies less than 24 feet of a truck trailer, usually no more than 6 pallets.


What is the difference between LTL and FTL shipping?

LTL means less-than-truckload which is small quantities of goods whereas FTL stands for full truckload and carries a full truck of one good. LTL helps you to avoid empty runs by finding freight offers to fill your vehicle and reduce your costs. TIMOCOM gives you access to a large verified network to ensure regular orders. 

You can get a trial now and increase the utilization of your trucks by up to 30%.


What is the difference between LTL and standard shipping?

Standard shipping is usually for smaller sized goods which are easier to handle and can be shipped in larger volumes. LTL shipping usually contains larger goods stored on pallets. Standard shipping goods are more likely to be damaged as they are not stored as robustly as LTL shipping.


Who is LTL shipping for?

LTL can be used by many businesses but specifically for small businesses who have freight below 15,000 pounds. Small businesses who are trying to reduce their costs may also use LTL shipping. Small businesses who are trying to reduce their costs may also use LTL shipping.


What are the benefits of LTL freight shipping?

There are many benefits of LTL freight shipping including the main advantage of reduced costs.


Lower costs

For LTL shipping rates, you only pay for the space you are using, therefore this saves money on transportation costs.

Improve security

LTL shipping tends to have more robust security ensuring all goods are well wrapped to reduce the risk of damage to goods. They also secure every trailer and lock it to reduce theft.

Easy to track

What is LTL freight tracking? This is when you can track your shipment in real time to know where your freight is. You can see if there are any delays or issues to help you change your plans if needed. You can inform the customer of any delays to provide better service and make decisions quickly if problems do arise.

Improve customer satisfaction

LTL shipping means you can get goods quickly and therefore your customers get them quicker. Customers have high expectations regarding delivery, and you must meet these demands to compete.


LTL shipping provides multiple shipping options including custom delivery times, faster shipping, liftgate, and limited access. Custom delivery times means you can pick when you want goods delivered. The liftgate option is good if the location you are receiving the goods doesn’t have a dock for goods and the cargo is heavy. Limited access means locations with restricted access. If you are in a location that normally has difficulties with access, then LTL shipping can solve that problem. With LTL shipping you can have goods delivered to multiple locations which makes it more efficient and saves money on separate deliveries.

Eco friendly

LTL shipping is eco-friendly because it means there is no wasted space in the truck which helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Consumers are increasingly aware of businesses who choose sustainable options, and this could attract more customers. Plus, sustainable transport is one way to create a sustainable supply chain that will ultimately help the planet and your business.

Quick delivery

Fast delivery is vital to compete with the many companies offering the same goods. By using LTL shipping, you can have your stock at warehouses near you which enable you to deliver them quickly. It also means you reduce loading and unloading time.

Saves on warehouse space

As you are dealing with small quantities of goods, these take up less warehouse space which saves money.

Quality of service

Companies who organise international carriage of LTL shipping have improved the quality of their services using digital technologies, according to a recent study.

A better quality of service gives companies a competitive advantage.

Mitigate risk

If you ship a full truckload, you could find you don’t have enough stock and run the risk of a potential loss of sales. With LTL shipping, you are shipping smaller quantities frequently which means a more reliable availability.


What you need to know before starting LTL shipping?

While there are many benefits to choosing LTL shipping, there are things you will need to consider before embarking on this process.


Sophisticated logistics planning

There is a lot of coordination needed because you are shipping small quantities more frequently. You will need a certain level of tech to enable you to plan appropriately. TIMOCOM freight exchange can optimise your logistics planning by giving you access to our extensive network and enabling you to search for freight, manage offers, and increase your profits. 

Slower than direct delivery

As there are various goods on LTL shipping, there may be numerous stops which means delivery can be slower than direct delivery.

More handling of goods

Again, your goods will be amongst others and may be handled more as goods are loaded and unloaded.


How to find LTL freight shippers

LTL shipping can work well for both logistics companies and businesses. Freight shippers don’t have to have empty runs as they can fill their trucks with smaller quantities of goods from different businesses. And businesses can ship smaller quantities and only pay for the space they use.

But how do you find partners to work with?

Using a digital marketplace such as TIMOCOM can help with your logistical challenges. With access to more than 53,000 verified business partners, we’ve done the hard work vetting companies for you. You can search for freight, offer space, advertise your services, and you can quickly integrate our marketplace with your existing processes. You can compare freight rates and find the best quickly and easily to make sure your business runs smoothly. Try TIMOCOM’s digital marketplace today and make your business more efficient.

Tram Trinh Thanh

Marketing Manager Northern Europe

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