Write and receive ratings for orders

The ratings feature allows you to rate your transport customers and service providers in the Marketplace – ratings can be submitted once a transport is complete. You, the user, can thus contribute, order by order, to transparency within the System.

The ratings feature is an excellent addition to our System:

If you send freight, you can

benefit from:

  • Increased security: Positive ratings in the categories communication, handling of goods, and punctual loading and unloading of goods provide reassurance that your freight is in good hands.
  • First choice: A positive company score is a signal to transport customers to put your company at the top of the list of potential business partners.
  • Saves time: Viewing ratings given to other System users is a better, faster way to select the best business partner out there.

If you are a transport company, you can

benefit from:

  • Increased security: Ratings on prompt payment, fairness and communication help you to select your business partner.
  • Improve market value: Positive ratings contribute to your company score, giving your company a competitive advantage.
  • Efficiency: The new Smart Logistics System transparent ratings feature is a one-stop shop where you can discover what other people thought of working with your potential business partners.

How it works

Rate completed transport orders

Once the unloading date is passed, each business partner receives a notification informing them that they can rate the transaction, based on a standard 5 star scale. To ensure people only rate companies they have actually worked with, all ratings are assigned via the transport orders application. You can rate your business partner and view your own rating in the transport order details.

Smart Logistics System screenshot: rating a transport order in the TIMOCOM freight exchange.
Smart Logistics System screenshot: rating a transport order in the TIMOCOM freight exchange.

Rate different categories

Transport customers can rate the communication between business partners, whether the service provider arrived on time to load and unload the goods and how goods and documentation were handled.

Service providers can also rate communication, along with whether or not the contractual conditions were fair and whether payment was prompt.

Company score and individual ratings in the company profile

The company score is displayed in each company profile, and is comprised of transport customer and service provider ratings from the past 12 months. You will also see the average ratings for each category here.

Smart Logistics System screenshot: ratings feature for transport partners

Do you have any questions? We would be delighted to help you:


The TIMOCOM ratings feature is transaction based, that is you can only rate companies you have actually worked with.

Service providers and transport customers can rate each other provided that both have entered into a contract with each other for a transport order within the Smart Logistics System. This ensures that both business partners have actually worked together.

When you rate a service provider, you can rate the following categories:

  • Communication with dispatch personnel
  • Goods loaded and unloaded on time
  • Handling of goods
  • Handling of documentation

When you rate a transport customer, you can rate the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Contract fairness
  • Payment

Each category is given equal weight in the overall rating score. Sub-categories for which no rating was provided will not be included in the calculation.

No, there is no comment function attached to the ratings feature. Splitting the rating up into categories provides a nuanced rating, so there is no need for comments. Comments cannot be verified by TIMOCOM, which means that comments could be used to publish insults or incorrect information, which, in a worst case scenario, can harm a company’s business.

We want to make sure that service providers and transport customers have actually entered into a business contract with one another, to prevent people manipulating ratings results.

It is possible to rate the company you worked with on the transport order once the unloading date for the order has passed.

No. Only those transport orders completed after the feature has gone live can be rated.

The company score is calculated by averaging all ratings a company has received, whether they were acting as a transport customer or service provider.

The service provider and/or transport customer rating includes all ratings for transactions (transport orders) that took place within the last 12 months.

The company score is published as soon as 3 service provider and/or transport customer ratings have been submitted for a company.

Once it is possible to rate a transaction, you will receive a notification via the Smart Logistics System bell, and a notification e-mail will be sent to the contact person for the order. If no contact person has been set in the order, then all company users will receive a notification via the bell and an e-mail notification (provided they have agreed to this in the settings). One reminder notification will also be sent via the bell and e-mail.

It is possible to change a rating any time within the ratings period, provided the rating was only saved, not submitted.

You have the opportunity to request, once only, that your contractual partner change the rating they submitted for your company. This can be done directly in the Smart Logistics System via the detailed transport order view (section “Ratings”). We recommend contacting your contractual partner personally to find out why they have given you an unsatisfactory rating.

Once a rating is submitted, it immediately becomes part of your company score, even if you have submitted a correction request that is still pending. Once the correction has taken place, the company score will be recalculated.

Correction requests must be answered within 7 days.

TIMOCOM acts as a neutral market platform, and thus cannot correct or delete ratings. Please contact your business partner directly and request that they correct the rating: this feature is available for every rating submitted.

In the transport order overview, you can filter for all those orders that have not yet been rated.

Plus, the Ratings widget on the start page displays the number of pending ratings. Click on this number to be taken directly to those orders that you have not yet rated.

The TIMOCOM ratings feature is transaction based. That means that companies can only rate each other when there is proof that they have worked on a transport order together (the order was processed via the TIMOCOM transport orders application).

This makes it much more difficult to manipulate ratings, because of course competitors cannot leave a rating unless they have actually worked with each other.

If you cancel your contract with TIMOCOM, you will lose your company score. The score cannot be restored even if you decide to join the TIMOCOM network again at a later date.

If a company is denied access to the System, on the other hand, the company rating remains intact and will be on display for all Smart Logistics System users once again when access is restored.

If you put your contract on hold (as opposed to cancelling it), you will keep all your ratings. However, the company score is made up only of ratings submitted in the last 12 months, so that older ratings will no longer be included in the score when you resume the contract. This could mean that your company score will have changed once you start working with TIMOCOM again.

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