A company from Groningen optimises their logistics with the TIMOCOM marketplace

To be successful in the paper industry, having an optimised logistics department is one of the keys. IMtrade, known as a specialist in paper recycling, finds new partners easily on the Timocom marketplace. By doing so, the Groningen based company has simplified their planning of imports and exports. Here, in the capital of the north, as they say in the Netherlands, they are successfully importing and exporting their goods from and to partners all over the world.

The story of IMtrade story begun when Bjørn Enemark wanted to start his own company. Together with Peter Paul they decided early on that their business would not only be about making profit, but also a company where you have fun at work. Today, this is still one of the driving forces for their success. As of 2024, IMtrade employs 15 people who are producing about 1,000 loads every month. 

Profile IMTrade

IMTrade Sales Support Rick Heim


  • IMtrade needs to find transport companies on short notice
  • Cancellations: IMtrade’s transport partners cannot deliver as planned


  • IMtrade quickly finds new transport partners on Timocom 
  • More planning stability, where Timocom serves as a good plan B

The situation before working with the TIMOCOM Marketplace

''We had 4 or 5 transport companies, who usually then passed the loads further to others. Then we got the opportunity to sell the loads ourselves on Timocom. This has made it a lot easier for us to plan, as we have a better overview when our loads are due to be collected to our customers”, IMtrade Sales Supporter Rick Heim says. 

IMtrade mainly posts loads based on wastepaper. First, the material is bought by a collector, then IMtrade will process the material and then resell it. A great part of their customers are factories who reproduces the material into new paper. Areas where their paper is finally used are toilet paper or tissue paper, isolation in walls, and roads. Yes, paper can also be used for roads, by using the fibre of the paper, which is a good material to keep the asphalt together.


How have your logistics processes improved with TIMOCOM?

“Now we can easily find another truck, when our existing partners say that they must postpone the deliveries of our products. On TIMOCOM, we have found many good truckers who can help with loads our main transport partners could not cover.”

“We can use TIMOCOM to get a truck within an hour. This is necessary, as the buyers of our products sometimes call us late in the afternoon and need our goods delivered the next day.”

Fast deliveries are important, as some factories we work with need paper on short notice. Otherwise their production will stand still. The cost is then enormous. This is when TIMOCOM can really help as well.

About IMTrade

IMtrade is the trade specialist for (waste) paper. They buy, sell and transport waste paper. This makes them the link between waste paper collectors and recyclers. They are operating world wide.

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