Traditional Irish company is market leader in hay and haylage production

Robinson Farms is Ireland’s leading Hay and Haylage supplier. Based in idyllic Maynooth in the Irish countryside, they deliver high-quality hay for clients in Ireland, Europe, and the Middle East. The company is a family business, now in its fourth generation, and is run by Peter Robinson and his son David.

About 30 years ago, Peter decided to expand the business and to specialise in hay and haylage production. Horses need hay of very good quality without mycotoxins, and the fertile Irish soil is ideal for this.

“My grandfather started the business and back then, the focus was on meat production. I then decided to shift into hay”, Peter says“

Before they discovered the TIMOCOM marketplace, Robinson Farms had the challenge that local hauliers could not cover all routes they needed. As most sales are going abroad, it was hard to plan deliveries. This meant that they were limited to clients where their local hauliers could go.

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  •  Finding transport partners for new markets
  •  Time-consuming organising the transports


  • New transport partners who are able to go where local partners cannot
  • Quick replies when posting loads on TIMOCOM

TIMOCOM helps Robinson Farm expand their business into new countries


Before I found TIMOCOM, I had to go to local hauliers in Ireland, and was not always lucky. TIMOCOM has opened up a whole new world of hauliers. Once you tell them where you need to go, they can say yes or no. Apart from helping me with my exports, the hauliers also helped me when I was importing machinery for the farm. Running the business therefore has become a lot easier, when you know that someone is able to collect your goods.

When I post a load on TIMOCOM, I know that someone will come to the rescue. Last summer the weather was not very good in Ireland, so I had to import hay from France, and found a good haulier for this on TIMOCOM”, Peter says.

Robinson Farm

About Robinson Farm

Robinson Farms stands as Ireland's foremost supplier of hay and Equihaylage. Situated in Co. Kildare, the epicentre of Irish horse breeding and racing, our premium horse feed is nurtured on the fertile limestone soil of Kildare, known globally for its exceptional quality.

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