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Dear TimoCom customer,

TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® online now offers your planning department even more dynamic !

Dear TimoCom customer,

TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® online now offers your planning department even more dynamic ! The new, improved selection criteria now include:

1. Optimised template management (now for example, you have the option of seeing new offers only)

Use the filter option, for example so that only new offers will be displayed once you "Refresh.”

You can do this by activating the “New offers only” button in a template for a specific parameter as usual, you can then see the latest offers for the search criteria by clicking the "Refresh button"! We have now improved this function even more! You can now leave the “New offers only” button active so that when using the same template hours or even days later, clicking the refresh button will display only the offers that have arrived since the last time the template was employed!

This means that you always have access via the templates to the latest offers and can easily distinguish between new offers and ones you have already viewed.

In addition:

With immediate effect every template used during a search will be shown by name. By moving the cursor over the template name you will also see the time when the template was last employed (last run: XXX) Additionally, by keeping the “new offers only” field active you will also see the time as of which the “new” offers have been posted (offers active since: XXX).

2. Option to display all offers of a given customer

With immediate effect you can view all freight or vehicle offers from a given customer. When you for instance look at a vehicle offer in detail you can view all the vehicle offers of the customer in question simply by clicking “customer’s vehicle offers” in the window margin. The same applies to detailed view of freight. You can click on “customer’s freight offers” to see all freight offers from a given customer.

3. Multiple configuration search (Curtainsider, Box, Jumbo, etc.)

Now you can select not just one but up to 4 different vehicle types through clicking the plus symbol in the offer overviews under cargo and/or vehicle selection. It is possible for instance to search for “Curtainsider” and “Box” at the same time.

4. Direct inquiry

Clicking the “direct inquiry”  button in either the vehicle or freight overview you can now see all suitable offers.

If, for example you enter the parameter “D –> PL” plus “ PL –> D” and activate the field “direct enquiry” you will now only see offers relating exactly to the parameters “D –> PL” and “PL –> D”.

If you do not activate the “direct enquiry” field the “cross enquiry”  will be activated. This means that domestic offers will also be shown. In our example you would also then find offers from “D –> D” as well as “PL –> PL” in addition to the cross border ones.

5. Search for up to 5 different relations at once

You can now start a search enquiry incorporating not just 3 but now instead a combination of up to 5 different countries at the same time.

Enjoy the the new functions!


Your TimoCom Team

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