Tip of the month in TC Truck&Cargo®: Crossover enquiry

Tip of the month

For every one of our customers who is using the platform every day and in particular TC Truck&Cargo®, we would like to remind you of a small feature which makes searching for available loads quicker.

We want to recommend the “crossover enquiry” which comes in handy for you when you are looking for available loads or available vehicles from several specific countries/cities to several specific countries/cities. Instead of having to enter each country served, you can enter up to five start destinations and five delivery destinations and use the crossover enquiry when you want to see all available loads/vehicles in all the chosen country combinations.

For example: Start destination UK, DE, NL and delivery destination IE, DE, FR. With the crossover enquiry, the combinations UK > IE, DE, FR / DE > IE, DE, FR / NL > IE, DE, FR will then appear in the summary and you can skip entering each start country and each delivery country as separate combinations.

It’s quick and easy to use the crossover enquiry, below using the feature step by step.

  1. In the tabs “Vehicle offers – summary” and “Freight offers – summary” you will find the “crossover enquiry” between the search buttons for countries, left to the destination button “To: All countries”.
  2. Choose the buttons “From: Country selection” and “To: Country selection”, so the country selection shows. Note: The delivery destination for vehicles does not offer a postal code whereas the delivery destination for freight logically does.
  3. Choose the countries served for vehicle/freight start destination and the vehicle/freight delivery destination and to specify the search enter the postal codes from where you need vehicles/freight. Click on the + button to add countries (up to five possible) and click on the – button to remove a country.
  4. When all start and delivery countries you need are chosen, click on the “crossover enquiry” feature left to the delivery destination button “To: All countries” and then click on the “Refresh” button. Then all countries chosen will appear in the summary in the crossover combinations.

Now you are ready to find the suitable vehicles and available loads “crossover” countries.

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