Tip of the month in TC Truck&Cargo®

Tip of the month in TC Truck&Cargo®

For everyone of our customers who is busy every day in TC Truck&Cargo® with entering vehicles, entering freight, searching for vehicles and searching for freight we present a small but clever feature which might save you a lot of time.

And no, it’s not new and our account managers have most likely already shown you the feature. But in the years you have been a customer, maybe you forgot about it or maybe you are a new customer who has not had the time to get acquainted with all the features on your own.

We want to recommend everyone who either enters vehicle and/or freight offers, searches for vehicle and/or freight offers our template feature. Instead of having to enter the same vehicle or freight details manually each time, you can easily save your search details using the template feature.

  1. In the tabs “Enter vehicle offers” and “Enter freight offers” you will find the template feature on the right next to the “Print” buttonIn the tabs “Vehicle offers – Summary” and “Freight offers – Summary” you will find the template feature on the left side next to the “Reset filters” button”.
  2. Enter all the details
  3. Click on the template feature which says “Templates” and name you template e.g. Cardiff – Munich
  4. Click “save as template...” and you have it ready for your next entering/search and just have to click once in the template list.

Now you are ready to roll with the templates.

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