<EM>TimoCom</EM> TRUCK & CARGO® online – now with even more features!


Düsseldorf, 15 March 2007 – more speed and more efficiency: that's how the future of planning will look with TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® online. The market leading freight and vehicle exchange provides customers with a tailor made solution to aid capacity utilisation. The most up-to-date freight exchange now comes with even more features!

For 10 years TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH has been providing the pressured transport industry with the chance to optimise capacities and avoid empty running ! This innovative system is called TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® – the market leading freight and vehicle exchange in Europe ! TimoCom can trace its extraordinary success to its adopted strategy of placing the needs of planners at the forefront of its efforts. The result today is the most up-to-date freight exchange, providing planners with a dynamic and flexible tool: TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® online ! Automatic updating, the benefits brought by technical refinements and the improved performance have persuded Europe’s freight forwarders and haulage contractors to switch to this new software.

As TimoCom is constantly looking to the future the company is not prepared to rest on its laurels ! Innovation and quality are the guiding principles. Now is definitely the time for interested companies who want to make the most of TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® online to make the switch. Since the latest version was released on the market in September 2006 even more features have been added ! The new improved selection criteria enable the following:

  • Optimal template management ( now possible to view new offers only) 
  • View all offers from a single supplier
  • Search for up to 4 body types at the same time (tautliner, box, volume etc.)
  • Specific searching 
  • Up to 5 search parameters at any one time

For TimoCom customers these additional features mean that they can work even more effectively with the ever growing TimoCom pool of up to 172,000 freight and vehicle offers daily. For its part TimoCom is still growing rapidly allowing the company to look towards the future with self-confidence and optimism. Today innovative freight and vehicle exchanges like TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® play an essential role in making the transport market of the future fast, simple and – most important of all – economical !

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