TimoCom surprises with inventive advertising

IT service provider launches Europe-wide campaign to advertise its procurement platforms


Dusseldorf, July 16th 2013. "In case I lose consciousness, just ignore it. Ok? I always tend to exaggerate a little." It is a grey Monday morning in a photo studio near Dusseldorf. The freight exchange TimoCom is in the middle of shooting a Europe-wide umbrella campaign. All eyes are on Nadine Dilly who is a professional photographer herself but casually works as a model and actress: "It comes in handy that I had an appointment with Kaya Yanar a few days ago. I was able to get some helpful advice from him with regard to pulling funny faces." Now everyone can decide for themselves whether or not practising with the TV comedian was worth it. As of mid-June the first results of the TimoCom shooting will be presented online as well as in various specialist magazines. 

Advertising that does not want to be seen as such

With its umbrella campaign, the Dusseldorf-based IT company TimoCom proves that advertising in logistics is not necessarily boring and predictable. "Our focus is on the people who work with our products. We not only want to deliver plain product information, but to some extent entertain", explained Christof Thesinga, Marketing Director. For this reason we have created a completely new concept and booked professional actors, locations and equipment. What is special: TimoCom did not hire an external agency, but counted on the competence of its own marketing department. The 50-member team designed, organised and put almost everything into practice themselves – including the translations into up to 24 European languages.


Print advertisements, flyers, microsite, video, social media

It all begins with four advertisements in which short stories in relation to day-to-day transport business are told.  In an amusing way spectators get to know freight forwarders Pia, and Martin and haulier Chris who represent the most important customer groups from the transport industry. "Of course, we also want to confuse readers a little. Maybe we even polarise with all this. It is always better than just being ordinary", thought Thesinga. However, print media are only one part of the broad campaign. "Many people always still think of advertisements or posters first. But really it is obvious that the corresponding online presentation in the form of microsites, banners or social media articles are just as much part of it", added the Marketing Director. Consequently, Pia Martin and Chris can already be found on the official company homepage now. Soon even as motion picture. 

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