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Dusseldorf, 30th April 2013. More and more details are coming to light about the TC eMap® relaunch including a tracking function that was announced by TimoCom at the beginning of June. The new product will be presented to the general public for the first time at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich. First pictures of the user interface are now available.

The new TC eMap® presents itself in a modern, cleaned up and clearly laid out way. This even still applies if you want to view ten or more vehicles from different telematics systems on the map at the same time. That exactly is one of the top features of the new TimoCom product: the possibility of tracking vehicles and having them tracked no matter which telematics solution you use. To be able to identify single vehicles, you can enter an individual name for each GPS device which then appears on the list as well as on the relevant label for that vehicle on the map. By clicking on the respective vehicle on the list the corresponding contact details are displayed. So, if required, you can get in contact immediately.

A manufacturer-independent tracking solution

There now is new information on the types and coverage of telematics systems supported. To start with, round 20 of the most common European manufacturers will be available in TC eMap® . However, more can be added: "At the beginning we will be collaborating with the most frequently used telematics providers. However, that does not mean that this is the end of it. If customers use a different system than those supported by TC eMap® so far, they can let us know. We will then get on contact with the provider to set up an access to the tracking solution as soon as possible", explained TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings.
Due to the fact that the tracking solution is manufacturer-independent, TC eMap® is particularly interesting for small service providers and hauliers. Even when working for changing business partners they can easily make themselves available for tracking in TC eMap®. Service providers thereby signal to their business partners that they are trustworthy and will transport the goods safely from one place to another. "Even before the initial contact, the business partner can see whether or not the respective transport company has trackable vehicles", disclosed Frings, "When entering offers, service providers can especially highlight that their vehicles can be tracked in TC eMap®."

Proven TC eMap® will stay the same

In addition to the new tracking solution, the cost calculation and route planning modules will continue to be included in TC eMap®. By means of those, users can quickly and simply calculate the distance to be travelled directly from within a freight offer in the transport exchange TC Truck&Cargo®. Furthermore current traffic information is displayed directly in the TC eMap® route planning module. So even before leaving the starting location you can decide whether the selected route really is the best. On top of that you can calculate the trip and additional costs (such as e.g. toll fees) for the selected route.

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