TIMOCOM presents the extensive system of smart apps for logistics

Paving the way for companies into the digital era


Erkrath/Munich (Germany), 5th June 2019 – TIMOCOM wants to enable transport and logistics companies to enter the digital era. The IT service provider will present at the transport logistic 2019 in Munich an extensive system of new applications, interfaces and partners that digitally support logisticians in all areas of the transport process. "We want innovations that assist our customers daily and make them as easily accessible as electricity from a socket", says TIMOCOM Company Spokesman Gunnar Gburek.

"Our goal is to become THE digital provider for the European logistics industry for our network of customers and partners", says Gburek.

Following the company's vision to create a logistics without challenges, TIMOCOM expands its new Smart Logistics System. It augments the European-wide market leading freight and vehicle exchange, that forms part of the system, with innovative digital applications such as transport order processing. "Our goal is to become THE digital provider for the European logistics industry for our network of customers and partners", says Gburek.

The IT company intends to invest around 100 million Euro in the expansion of the system by 2030 and more than double the number of customers during this period to 100,000. In the course of further internationalisation, the number of employees is expected to grow  by 300 to 800 over the next eleven years.

Smart APIs enable data exchange with the Smart Logistics System
New interfaces simplify access to the Smart Logistics System for companies. So-called Smart APIs offer customers the possibility to connect to the system via their logistics software. Access to the applications takes place by use of a single interface.  Companies can connect to more than 43,000 potential business partners in the system using the Smart API transport orders, for example, and send and receive transport orders from their own logistics software.

Sharing data with network partners
Part of the system concept is the integration of strong partners. With Cargoclix and Krone Telematics, TIMOCOM has two well-known companies on board with which route-related GPS data can be shared via the system. This allows transport customers using TIMOCOM to plan, manage and optimise transports on the basis of real facts. Already today, 246 telematics providers throughout Europe are integrated into the Smart Logistics System. New partners are also the logistics software providers Doll + Leiber, Lavid Software, Transdata, C-Informationssysteme and Logistiqo. "Logistics thrives on networking. Today, we can almost completely guarantee this digitally via interface partners that are integrated into our system," says TIMOCOM Portfolio Manager Philipp Schmidt. The aim is to also open the system for third-party applications in the future.

New system start page with needs-oriented navigation
A visible sign of the new system era at TIMOCOM is the completely redesigned and structured start page as an introduction to the various smart apps of the system. It guides the more than 130,000 users through the system with just a few clicks and provides easy access to the desired applications. "The new system start page is much clearer and more intuitive, as it specifically addresses different user groups and situations", explains TIMOCOM Marketing Director Pélagie Mepin. For example, companies can directly select the application to carry out tenders, to optimise routes or to track vehicles.

"We want to offer our customers the opportunity to expand and improve their logistics and increase their margin to negotiate," says Mepin. A commitment that is also reflected in TIMOCOM's new corporate slogan: "Augmented Logistics".

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