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Quehenberger subsidiary company's overnight success with TimoCom


Dusseldorf, 2014-11-27. Search and you shall find. That is exactly what the Bulgarian subsidiary of the Salzburg company
Quehenberger Logistics has been doing regularly since 2012 and during four hours at the most. The logistics group uses the
freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo® of the European market leader TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH to find
reliable transport service providers and partners.

The Austrian logistics provider Quehenberger, founded in 1965, is one of the most modern companies in the transport
business. Thus the specialist for transport management, network and contract logistics has one of the most modern vehicle
fleets consisting of about 450 vehicles. Also the 2600 employees spread out across the 89 locations in 18 countries have a lot
to do with the traditional company's success. A large number of these locations are in Eastern European and Balkan
countries. This includes "Quehenberger Logistics BLG EOOD" in Bulgaria's capital city Sofia, which has an optimal
geographic location and connection with the company's group.

Successful in only four hours
The subsidiary specialises in punctual deliveries of part and full loads to and from Europe. The company has grown quickly
in the last few years thanks to it always planning ahead. And its product range with it. Thus our textile logistics port folio
has been expanded with a new product this year.

The fast-paced and diverse logistics business also brings some hurdles with it. The managing director of the
representative office, Vencislav Kirov, knows this well: "The daily search for new transporters and partners is a big
challenge for us every day. That is why we have been using TimoCom's freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo®
since 2012". A good decision, since as user of the platform you have daily access to up to 450,000 freight and vehicle offers
from over 33,000 verified transport partners. "We have saved a lot of time since we have been using the platform, which is
a huge plus. We simply enter our offers there and after a short period a suitable partner finds them. On average this takes
only four hours at the most. That proves that with TimoCom we have chosen the right provider", says Kirov. It is also
assuring for the software company to know that it is doing the right thing for its 100,000 users.

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