The transport barometer: winter keeps freight ready and waiting

TimoCom registered more freight than vehicle space for the first time in the fourth quarter 2016.


Erkrath, Germany, 2017-01-18 - In the fourth quarter of 2016, TimoCom's transport barometer shows a freight to vehicle ratio of 53:47. It was the first time TimoCom registered a freight surplus during this period! One thing is for sure: the European transport market was anything but frozen.

The third quarter concluded with the highest value in the year and quarter with a freight share of 61 %. At this point, we can say that such a freight increase did not occur in the following months. Nevertheless, there was more freight than ever before. Every three months, the 50 % mark is reached and maintains at this point the same level as the previous quarter, which happens to be the strongest of 2016. 


Freight surplus the whole fourth quarter

TimoCom's Company Spokesman Marcel Frings prognosticated a golden autumn in the third quarter of the transport barometer. The current figures reveal that he was absolutely right. In October 2016, the percentage of offered freight was of 59 in comparison to 41 of available vehicle space. 

The question remained as to whether November would go downhill according to the past few years. This concern was initially confirmed, but thanks to the substantial autumn the freight share remained at 50 % in November. Especially interesting at this point is that there was literally twelve percentage points more freight than in 2014 and 2015. Were people more active in the previous years and anticipated their Christmas shopping? Possibly. Also in December, however, there was a high fluctuation of products. 

Although November 2016 was already abundant in freight, the freight volume increased again during the Christmas period in December with the month ending with 51 %. Frings explains the reason for such a strong fourth quarter in 2016: "Because of the snow-free end of the year, freight could be transported without any problems due to weather. In addition, work processes were not affected by public holidays since many were on the weekend this year."


Positive outlook for 2017

On the whole, 2016 turned out to be abundant in freight despite the calm start: from the start of spring, the freight share exceeded available loading capacity in every quarterly result. The final freight to vehicle ratio of the entire year is of 48:52, which is closer to the theoretical optimum of 2015 (46:54).

But, what does the new year have prepared concerning economy and logistics? Frings is quite optimistic: "According to prognosis, 2017 will also be a year of growth.  Nevertheless, there are risks such as the forthcoming elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany as well as the general political development. We must wait and see if they will have a decisive impact on economic activity."

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