The transport barometer: third quarter bears freight surplus

TimoCom registers a summerly freight increase


Erkrath, Germany, 2016-10-24 - In the third quarter of 2016, TimoCom's transport barometer shows a freight to vehicle ratio of 55:45. With this, Europe's largest transport platform registered a freight surplus in the European transport market - with an appreciable ascent in autumn. 

The third quarter is the most freight abundant quarter of the year. But that is not all: in comparison to the same quarter of the past two years, this time all three months were above the theoretically optimum of 50:50. A noticeable upward trend, not only appreciated in previous years' evaluations. For the first time in 2016, each month of the quarter bore freight surplus.


Positive summer effects: more freight

TimoCom registered in July a freight share of 54% exceeding the available vehicle capacity, as predicted by Company Spokesman Marcel Frings in last quarter's transport barometer report. In addition, the comparatively weaker figures of the previous years ascertain an interesting fact: the freight share in July increases from year to year.


In August freight share fell to 51% remaining, however, above the available vehicle capacity. The freight values remained relatively constant in August and did not descend below the 50% line as in the previous two years. These figures illustrate that the European transport market was very active in summer this year.


Nevertheless, the annual and quarter highlight were not long in coming and September offered a possible start into a golden autumn: with 61% freight share in comparison to 39% free vehicle space the transport barometer reached its peak. Thus taking over May, which till then was the leading month in 2016 with 2 percentage points less. Frings explains: "The considerable increase of goods is due to the prosperous summer which provided for a lot of movement of people and in the transport sector."

In addition, September was by far more abundant in freight as in the past years: the freight share in 2015 was significantly less with 52% and in 2014 53%.


However, a look at the absolute numbers of the 3rd quarter shows that more offers were entered in the TimoCom transport platform than it was the case in previous years.


Abundant freight till the end of the year

After such a 3rd quarter, the suspenseful question arises - will this ascent develop into a constant golden autumn?   TimoCom's Company Spokesman Marcel Frings is optimistic: "September's figures indicate a freight abundant autumn. It seems that this high level will be maintained." Nonetheless, there is still room for speculation concerning November: will it drop so drastically as in the previous years by 11 percentage points?


Frings explains: "By means of a stable working market and high consumption, the German economy is well-established and can act as the starting engine for Europe."

Consequently TimoCom assumes that the transport barometer will also show a freight surplus towards the end of the year.

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