The transport barometer: High freight surplus in the second quarter

TimoCom reaches a freight all-time high


Erkrath, Germany, 2017-07-18 –  The TimoCom barometer app shows a freight - vehicle ratio of 70:30 for the past second quarter. The exceptionally high freight surplus was consistent throughout the three spring months - but what were the reasons for such a high surplus in the European transport market?

In addition to the already active start in the year, the provider of Europe's largest transport platform, TimoCom, recorded the highest share in freight for the second quarter in the history of the transport barometer. According to the German Office of Statistics, in May Germany exported 14.1 percent more in comparison to the same period of the previous year. The rapid economic development played a key role in the high freight surplus and ensured the large demand of loading capacities throughout Europe.


Transport and logistics in economic boom

In April, the transport barometer almost achieved the theoretical optimum of 68 percent freight share. The elevated consumption during the Easter holidays has always ensured an increase in demand. Furthermore, due to the economic situation, a large number of companies in Europe were searching for suitable loading space. 

As a result of the public holidays, work during the weeks intensified as well as the number of freight to be transported. Thus, in May the freight - vehicle ratio was 70:30. The decisive factor, however, were Germany's high export activities. "What sounds to be positive for freight forwarders and hauliers is rather negative in the long-term for economic development. Should the trend intensify and companies no longer be able to supply their customers efficiently, this upswing could be quickly decelerated", warns Gunnar Gburek, TimoCom Company Spokesman. 

With 71 percent of freight, June was the freight-richest month since data has been collected by the transport barometer. According to the economic indicator of the German Institute of Economic Affairs, the index was clearly above the 100-point mark with 104 points. The economic indicator thus signals a strong growth in the German economy.


High freight expectations for the third quarter

In Germany, everyone hopes that the economy will remain at this high level of production and trade. However, sufficient traffic services must be available for this purpose. The Federal Minister of Transport has recognised this and has launched infrastructure expansions. "This is the right way, nonetheless, the many constructions sites also bring with them longer transport times and thus efficiency suffers. In addition, the new regulation on the weekly break is counterproductive: if road hauliers are no longer allowed to spend long rest periods in the truck, foreign drivers in particular will try go home at weekends and as a consequence will start the week with considerable delay", says Gburek. 

TimoCom assumes that a balanced ratio is not in sight and the freight share will also exceed loading capacities in the following quarter.

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