The TimoCom Messenger has arrived!

A big step for TimoCom, a bigger step for the industry


Erkrath, 2015-11-26. - Imagine a typical transport and logistics company. Does a telephone, pencil, notebook or a phone book come to your mind? The provider of Europe's largest transport platform has thought of something different: keyboard, screen, mouse, chat window. About something that secure and professionally simplifies the overall workflow and, above all, business communication. From this idea, the new communication tool for the industry was born: the TimoCom Messenger. The "newbie" on the transport platform is immediately available to the 100,000 users without additional costs and is far more than just chatting.

Faster negotiation and conclusion of contracts, longterm documentation
The introduction of the Messenger revolutionises the entire spectrum of business communication for the TimoCom users. You now have the option of selecting an offer from the TC Truck&Cargo® freight exchange and with one click start the offer-related chat with the business partner. This saves a great deal of time when concluding a deal. As soon as negotiations have been successfully ended, chat records can be stored locally as PDF files or printed out as legally binding agreements. The security aspect is also in focus: In contrast to publicly accessible chats,  customers communicating via the TimoCom Messenger can always be assured that they have a real person as chat partner. Every new customer is thoroughly verified before they are approved for the transport platform in the first place.

Besides the offer-related chat, the German-based IT company also provides a general chat function intended for networking. "Good contacts are absolutely essential. With the general chat function, our users can now establish a network with selected partners and easily keep up contact via the Messenger. There's no easier way to maintain business relationships", according to TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings. Another advantage: Users of the transport platform can also use the general chat function for in-house communication among colleagues for quick exchange of information, provided they also hold a TimoCom licence.


Seize business opportunities around the clock

Especially in the transport world, quick reactions and immediate availability play a major role. Users can also use the Messenger on the move and across multiple devices too. They simply have to log on to their TimoCom Account via the transport barometer app on a mobile device and all their contacts and chat contents are automatically synchronised. "The cross-device Messenger is an advantage for our users when they use in the tendering platform on the move, especially after business hours. Whether to prepare business deals for the next day or to gain a preliminary overview. With our Messenger, users can look at the latest status of discussions, not only on the stationary PC, but also on mobile devices", Marcel Frings explains.


From now on, the first TimoCom Messenger is set to gain a foothold in the transport and logistics sector and is revolutionising its users' workflows. This means: 100,000 users. One TimoCom Community. Connected together anywhere.

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