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TimoCom released a complete update of the transport barometer App


Düsseldorf, 2013-12-20 – TimoCom's transport barometer as app has already been available for some time for your smartphone. Now a complete update with many new functions has been released. But not only that - you can now get TimoCom's transport barometer App for free!

After starting the app, you will immediately notice: a lot has been changed. An example is the country routes for which the current freight-vehicle offer ratio is shown. The selection options have been extended here. Now it is possible to view all routes from and to any country. In the previous version you could only view the route from one country to all other European countries.

Integrated transport tendency
This is a totally new function which allows you to view the transport tendency in the past. In the updated version of TimoCom's transport barometer App, the percentage values of the freight of the past three years are displayed in a graphic. Thus the app owner not only takes into consideration the current development of the market situation in price negotiations, but also the long-term tendency.
The user of the TimoCom transport barometer App is well provided for. It does not only offer statistics and data graphics. Via the integrated news area, the app user can stay informed about what is happening in the industry - whenever and wherever.

Keeping an eye on the market situation
The transport barometer App is created based on the wide variety of market information which TimoCom, as market leader among the European freight and vehicle exchanges, makes available every second. Up to 450,000 freight and vehicle offers daily from over 100,000 users are analysed by the transport barometer and transferred in near to real-time to the Smartphone. This is how the small application becomes a strong instrument for market price calculation and app users can immediately react to the demand and offer of freight and vehicles.

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