Study: TimoCom's transport platform reduces CO2 emissions

Significant CO2 reduction and profit increase with TimoCom


Erkrath, Germany, 2016-11-03 – TimoCom, Europe's largest transport platform, renders a valuable contribution to environmental protection with its many applications and optimises vehicle capacity utilisation. The Italian company GreenRouter has recently investigated the impact of logistics software on CO2 emissions and economic efficiency showing results which could lead to a future trend. 

No discrepancy between ecology and economy

The study commissioned by TimoCom's customer Ernesto Rampinini srl, an Italian transport and logistics company, evaluates the use of natural resources in relation to the degree of utilisation of the lorries and the kilometres driven. In order to obtain valid results, two different periods were taken into consideration: the years between 1999 and 2003, in which the company did not use the IT provider's applications yet, and from 2004 onwards, using TimoCom's transport platform. 

The Italian start-up company GreenRouter uses the tool with the same name to measure and analyse the CO2 emissions of the supply chain of individual logistics companies. The case study shows a reduction of CO2e emissions of 23% (carbon dioxide and equivalent exhaust fumes) per driven kilometre in the first two years using TimoCom compared to the four years without Europe's largest transport platform. Simultaneously, the vehicle utilisation rate increased by 30%, which not only confirms the efficiency of TimoCom products, but also means a 15% profit increase for customers through the avoidance of empty runs. Considering that TimoCom is available with a flat rate and vehicles can be managed from several workplaces, one comes to the conclusion that environmental friendly technologies do not have to be expensive per se nor reduce profit.   On the contrary. 


"Green logistics" starts at the office, not on the road

In addition to the classic function of the freight and vehicle exchange to avoid environmental pollution and costly empty runs, other applications in TimoCom's portfolio are part of the tools which can already be used to preserve the environment. One of them is e.g. the new "Documents" feature within the company profile. By uploading the frequently required documents, which are necessary to carry out transports, the dispatcher saves valuable time. In addition, the digitalisation of documents reduces paper consumption and thus saves precious resources. 

TimoCom Messenger is also integrated in the transport platform. With it users can chat individually with potential business partners or send binding quotes. Since several conversations take place simultaneously, the possibility of closing a transport contract in a short period of time, reducing empty runs, increasing turnover, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions increases. 

It is essential that every company involved in the supply chain analyses and reconsiders their own processes for the protection of the environment. Whoever opens their mind to new efficiency-enhancing technologies, paves their way for the Industry 4.0 era and preserves their own competitiveness. With the use of applications such as TimoCom's transport platform, these companies also support directly "Green Logistics" and thus one of the most important aspects of the digital era.

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