Short interview on TC eMap® with Marcel Frings

Short interview


At the transport logistic trade fair in Munich TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH will be presenting the new TC eMap® which features a tracking option. We have spoken to TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings about the product.

Question: Mr Frings, at the beginning of June TimoCom is launching the new TC eMap® that features a tracking option. What is so special about tracking?

Marcel Frings: Now, there is not only one highlight but several. To start with, the tracking option itself is special. We are the only provider of procurement platforms for the transport industry which offers such a product. Our customers can, for instance, access TC eMap® including its tracking function directly from within the freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo® and thus, stick to the standard TimoCom platform. One of the most important features, however, is the possibility of tracking different telematics systems at once. We collaborate with the most common European telematics providers. There has never been anything like this manufacturerindependent tracking solution in a transport exchange before.

Question: Who exactly is the module directed to? To freight forwarders or hauliers?

Frings: Just like all our procurement platforms TC eMap® is generally directed at all companies involved in transport. Tracking in TC eMap® saves freight forwarders precious time. You know how it works nowadays: The customer calls the transport company and wants to find out where the goods are at that instance. The transport company provides the requested information. In the future this can be done a lot more efficiently. The transport company simply grants its business partner permission to track the corresponding vehicle. They can, in turn, always see where exactly the vehicle with their goods is without having to make protracted phone calls – and all that exactly when they need the information. In addition tracking via TC eMap® is clear and simple. Freight forwarders and/or planners can view all telematics systems in one window and do not have to click back and forth between different platforms.

Question: How can hauliers benefit from the product?

Frings: The fact that hauliers are able to indicate if they can be tracked will be a competitive advantage for them! When entering vehicle offers all companies can indicate whether or not they have trackable vehicles. Security comes first in the transport industry: If I was a customer and had two service providers to choose from of which one has trackable vehicles, I would definitely prefer that one. Allowing others to track you is true transparency and thus, the foundation of a trusting business relationship – that is exactly what you as a service provider will be able to signal your business partner in TC eMap® in the future.

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