Relaxed around Easter: Freight forwarder MZ Logistic and seasonal challenges

MZ Logistic counts on TC Transport Order during the busy season


Erkrath, Germany/Madrid, Spain, 2019-04-17 - The Easter holidays bring with them reports on seasonal challenges in the logistics industry. An opportunity to trace the supply chain of seasonal goods right up to the supermarket shelves. But there is more to report than just an increase in chocolate bunny and Easter egg deliveries. Around Easter the European demand for goods rises and there is a particular challenge: not every European country celebrates these holidays at the same time, increasing logistical requirements. In Spain, for example, the Thursday before Easter is a public holiday, whereas in Germany and the UK it is a regular work day. However, on the Monday after Easter both in Germany and in the UK businesses are closed. A freight forwarding company from Spain gave an update on how the different Easter public holidays affect their business.

MZ Logistic looks forward to Easter with a relaxed attitude as they handle transport orders easily and digital with TIMOCOM's TC Transport Order

Martin & Zarco Logistic has been a successful general logistics company for 10 years, offering a complete range of forwarding services over land, air and sea between Spain and other European countries. In their work with groupage and FTL they transport all kinds of goods, with particular help from TIMOCOM’s digital solution. “We noticed that the order volume does not actually increase critically at Easter, due to the different dates for holidays the orders are merely piling up,” says Javier Zarco, owner of MZ Logistic.


Previous years have shown that longer lead times are required to meet commercial needs

MZ Logistic promises customers that they will deliver goods however, whenever and wherever the customer requires. An impossible task without digital help. They primarily use TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System. “In the past, it was much more difficult to manage this type of concentrated and complex order situation,” Zarco explains. Since they started using the digital applications in the TIMOCOM system, however, the processes are easier to handle and peak periods are now manageable. Orders are simply placed with TC Transport Order and managed centrally through it. “If you plan transport orders digitally, the entire bureaucratic process is managed within the system. You save lots of time and are thus able to react easily to customer requests and bottlenecks,” adds Juan Carlos Martín, co-owner of the Spanish logistics company.

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