Premiere at the IAA: Access to TimoCom via an app

Freight exchange provider makes their products available on a mobile


Düsseldorf, 02.10.2014 – Find return loads quickly after you have just unloaded. Offer transport jobs without any fuss, even when you are not at the office.  In the day-to-day logistics business there is an absence of a good and secure possibility of organising transport jobs with a tablet or smartphone. TimoCom has closed this gap by creating a mobile access to all its products. This milestone of the freight and vehicle space search will be presented for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover, starting on 25th September.

TimoCom customers will no longer be tied to a desktop PC when they want to find or offer freight jobs easily and efficiently. The market leader among the freight and vehicle exchanges in Europe has enhanced its free transport barometer app with an access to its products. TimoCom customers can log into their accounts via the security access software TC Login integrated in the app - regardless of where they are. All contracted TimoCom products are then available without any restrictions. Thus it is possible to find new jobs in the freight exchange Truck&Cargo® whilst you are still on the ramp of the old job. Likewise, you can grant your new customer permission to track the vehicle via the tracking platform TC eMap®. Or in the case of a refusal to accept the goods quickly find storage facilities via TimoCom's warehousing exchange. It does not matter whether you use a tablet or smartphone for your mobile planning. The transport barometer app is of course compatible with all operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Security of high priority and mobile too
"Our main challenge was in applying TimoCom' high security standards also to the mobile use of our products," informs Marcel Frings, TimoCom's Chief Representative. This very important factor was achieved with an additional security level in the app. A mobile login takes place via TC Login. This security access is already well known from the desktop PC version. In addition, an individual PIN number must be entered for a mobile access to a TimoCom account. "It is the same principle as with a bank card but even more secure", explains Frings. "TC Login, individual PIN and the corresponding mobile device are all linked together. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, it is not possible to access TimoCom. It is as if my bank card would work with only my PIN and without any need of a cash machine. This is a great security advantage for our customers."

Omnipresent and always active
Since an access is integrated in the transport barometer app, the current market data of the European road transport industry is available to all users. On the spot price negotiations are dealt with better. TimoCom assures that the mobile access to all its platforms is always fully operational. Whether it be the freight exchange TC Truck&Cargo®, transport tenders in TC eBid®, the tracking and calculation tool TC eMap®, the warehousing exchange for tailor-made warehousing and logistic space or TC Profile®, the transport directory for Europe - the next business opportunity lays in your hand and is only a click away.

Come to TimoCom's latest stand
The trade fair IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover now offers everyone the opportunity to get an impression of the mobile access to TimoCom products. At stand C19 in hall 13 you can find out all that's important about the app and of course test all the platforms extensively. Several PC workstations will be available for anyone to test the programmes with all additional functions live under the guidance of a TimoCom account manager as they wish.

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