On your mark: telematics will become a must in the logistics world

Economical win-win situation for all involved in transport


Dusseldorf, 2014-05-19. "Just in time" is nowadays part of a modern supply chain. After all, whoever wishes to remain competitive must offer economical, cost-saving and service-oriented business. These goals can be achieved primarily through optimal utilisation of the vehicle fleet as well as by systematic control of the transport process. For 14 years now, the freight forwarding company Logistik in XXL makes good use of the connection to freight exchanges and telematics systems. To make the flow of goods even more transparent, 29 of the 180 vehicles of the fleet have been equipped with the software of one of Europe's market leading providers Daimler FleetBoard. As TimoCom customer, the logistics agent has a double benefit. The telematics-based internet service provider is a partner since the start of the manufacturer-independent tracking platform TC eMap®.

Fleet management: innovation meets communication

The use of telematics in the logistics sector is currently in the fast lane. Modern tools contribute to obtain more efficiency by reducing consumption costs, idle time and communication. Volker Asche, Logistik in XXL Managing Director, had already recognised this potential in the year 2000 and has processed the data of his vehicles since then with the help of GPS systems. "Our dispatchers are able to determine the whereabouts of the goods in real time, optimally plan routes and inform customers about the location of the cargo. Via Daimler FleetBoard's connection to TimoCom's freight and vehicle exchange the whole fleet is displayed on only one screen making complicated switching between different applications a thing of the past. In addition, protracted telephone calls with drivers are spared without limiting the information flow", says the logistics manager Asche. With this all-round solution, the transport company composed of 350 employees not only ensures optimum vehicle utilisation but also that all its services and trips across Europe run smoothly.


Platform provides a clear view

As one of the first pilot customers, the fleet operator Logistik in XXL gave its full support during the development phase of TC eMap® with an integrated tracking function. "We are convinced of the advantages. A simple login to TimoCom is enough because our telematics provider Daimler FleetBoard is directly connected to TC eMap®", says Asche. Furthermore, dispatchers can highlight that their vehicles can be located by freight providers whilst entering their vehicle capacities. As a transport company an important image of trust is hereby established. TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings can also confirm that security in transport is an increasingly important issue: "We are seeing a very quick increase of registered vehicles in the exchange. The cooperation with currently 78 telematics providers shows the enormous relevance for the sector. We are especially satisfied with the cooperation with Daimler FleetBoard as it is one of the mostly used systems which is integrated in TC eMap®." Also Volker Asche at Logistik in XXL is also more than happy with the interface. "Thanks to the partnership with TimoCom, we do not only work more efficiently in our daily freight forwarding business but can also meet the increasing requirements."

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