No chance for “black sheep”!


Düsseldorf, 20.12.07 – Poor-paying customers are a threat to every company. The problem of defaulting payers is known especially in the transport industry! For freight and vehicle exchanges this means that they have to offer far more so far as quality is concerned than purely the function of a “notice board”. The market-leading freight and vehicle exchange of TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH is an example for many other exchanges. The company has not only expanded its TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® exchange with numerous additional features, but with its intelligent well-thought-out safety net it is one big step ahead of its competition...

For many transport carriers the freight and vehicle exchange is an essential tool. Only with its help can carriers and freight shippers optimise their capacity utilisation. Some carriers though are quickly attracted by several free freight exchanges. It is known that particularly here the “black sheep” have it very easy.

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH takes a very close look at its members! As the only provider of a freight and vehicle exchange the company provides its customers with a safeguard with its own debt collection office. Here new customers are thoroughly checked so far as ability to pay is concerned before being accepted in the TimoCom database. This means that reliable information concerning the economic, business and debt situation of a company is already obtained here beforehand. Alongside this so-called credit assessment the experience and reputation of a company are also included in the overall assessment. TimoCom’s solicitor Alexander Oebel emphasises: “It is important whether a company has existed for a long time and has already been successful for some time. This is why companies only receive access to our exchange when they have been in existence on the market for at least 6 months.”

TimoCom’s quality control goes further though. TimoCom also keeps a close eye on its customers after the contract is concluded in respect of payment behaviour, ability to pay and general input behaviour. In addition existing customers are requested to report immediately any dishonest practise in the use of the exchange. Members who do not keep to the rules of the game and/or do not pay correct demands for payment are excluded immediately from using the programme!

Alongside the credit assessment and customer controlling the TimoCom safety net also includes strong investment in state-of-the-art IBM and Oracle technology! TimoCom customers therefore receive access to a high-class, high-tech platform, which provides them with a fast and secure operation. Even for the unlikely case where a natural disaster destroys TimoCom’s server in the main head office in Germany, there is already a complete backup system! This is far and away enough to allow the freight exchange to continue to run with its usual level of quality! It should not come to this worst-case scenario though. Alexander Oebel emphasises: “For us the motto is ‘Trust is good – control is better’!” Our customers know this too! With us they are in good hands and benefit meanwhile in the industry from having a reputation with a “seal of quality”. We are proud of this and consequently motivated to keep our customers’ quality requirements at the highest level in future too!"

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