Laztrans uses Sycada's GPS technologies via TimoCom

Transport companies save time and win business partners with TC eMap®


Dusseldorf, 2014-06-11. In the transport industry nothing can be done without IT these days. The Belgium logistics service provider knows this and therefore relies on two important tools: TimoCom's European market leading freight and vehicle exchange and Sycada's latest GPS technology. Thanks to a common interface, Sycada's telematics system can now be displayed via TimoCom's new tracking platform TC eMap®. That not only saves time, but also assures a big competitive advantage.

Largest manufacturer-independent tracking platform

When it comes to new technologies, many transport companies are only convinced once others celebrate their success. The freight forwarding company Laztrans does not belong to the group of sceptics, on the contrary, it belongs to the "pioneers". "We have installed Sycada's telematics system in all our vehicles and have been working with TimoCom's freight exchange for 10 years. Now Sycada can be tracked via TimoCom's TC eMap®. We tested the interface for free - and afterwards connected our entire fleet of 35 vehicles to it", informs the owner Eyüp Kumas. His employees only have to log in to TimoCom's platform and they can determine the itinerary and costs of the corresponding route directly in the freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo®. In this way there is more time left for real business. "We have many highly demanding transport jobs from courier loads to fridge transports. So you have to be very well organised.TC eMap® makes our work much easier", says Kumas.


With the tracking solution Laztrans not only gains efficiency, but also new business partners. The transport service provider enters simultaneously that the vehicles can be located by GPS for the duration of a job whilst entering its free vehicle space in the freight exchange. "The fact that we use tracking establishes trust with potential business partners and rounds off our profile."


TimoCom's TC eMap® is currently Europe's largest manufacturer-independent tracking platform. "We have already been able to attain 80 telematics partners. The whole spectrum of GPS providers is there i.e. from the big fishes to specialised providers", says TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings.

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