In vogue: TimoCom adorns Meyer & Meyer

Tailor made solutions convince the 100,000th user


Dusseldorf, 2014-01-09 -   "Clothes make the man" is a motto of the fashion industry and Dennis Zimmerling, trainee in freight forwarding and logistics services at Meyer & Meyer, agrees. Recently, a TimoCom representative was unexpectedly standing at his door to congratulate him for been the 100,000th TimoCom user. As one of Europe's leading fashion-logistics service providers, Meyer & Meyer is not only successful thanks to fashion but also thanks to TC Truck & Cargo®, market leader among the European freight and vehicle exchanges.

Optimal vehicle space utilisation for all of Europe

Meyer & Meyer offers its customers services along the whole supply chain - from raw material logistics, storage, preparation and commissioning to the distribution of the goods in the retail industry. 20-year-old Zimmerling is one of 2000 employees in the company founded in 1902 and implements his skills and knowledge since only three months in the Osnabrück branch, one of the 22 branches in Germany.  His first day at work began with two successful achievements:  "A colleague showed me TC Truck&Cargo® and I immediately found a suitable freight.  And without knowing it I cracked the 100,000th user record", says Zimmerling. For the Head of Business Process Organisation at Meyer & Meyer it was pure coincidence:  "We have been a customer of TimoCom from the very beginning and use the main tool TC Truck&Cargo® in all our scheduling departments since it was founded in 1997. Thus we are able to optimise our vehicle capacity utilisation in the spot market business quickly and securely and avoid unnecessary and expensive empty runs." With access to up to 450,000 vehicle and freight offers, individual loads can be assigned via the exchange if required. It is not surprising that the software company now benefits in return from 100,000 satisfied customers.


Freight exchange with additional functions

Meyer & Meyer covers 40 countries with its logistics services. When fashion goods - and also automobile or bike industry goods - travel halfway round the world daily, a reliant customer service and a highly specialised infrastructure are top priority. "We can only meet these requirements via an easy-to-use transport management system and a strong partner. In the fast-moving fashion industry with short collection cycles, efficient additional tools are becoming increasingly important", recognises Stüber. Therefore, with the help of TC eMap® the fashion service provider occasionally uses the possibilities it offers to individually plan routes and calculate travel costs or he recommends the trainees to frequently consult the TimoCom transport barometer in order to develop a good market-price sense that serves as basis for negotiation. The future cooperation of the two companies will be intensified by a connection between the fashion service provider's scheduling software and TimoCom's freight and vehicle exchange. With the interface TC Connect, vehicle and freight offers can automatically be transferred from the company's internal freight forwarding software to TC Truck&Cargo®


Two family businesses on the course for growth

Both service providers offer their customers many years of industry Know-how. Meyer & Meyer has a focus on new technology, a more innovative fleet, consequent recycling and solar energy. TimoCom also takes on this responsibility and acts consistently as an environmentally friendly procurement platform. Occupational health management of the employees and a good working environment are closely related when it comes to an efficiency increase. "Both companies invest in the future and communicate to the world the company's values -  that is what makes us successful", says Stüber. Dennis Zimmerling will also follow this trend during his next three years of apprenticeship. After all, he is literally commited to the tailor-made solution of Meyer & Meyer and TimoCom. 


Find more information at www.timocom.co.uk and www.meyermeyer.de

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